Laura Wamba was born in Brittany to a French mother and a Congolese father, and her childhood was rich in a variety of musical influences. Her formal education in jazz at conservatories provided a strong base for her musical career. Nonetheless, it was the attraction to R&B and Gospel music that really fascinated her, molding her artistic sensibility and style. At the age of 18, she relocated to Paris because of the city’s lively cultural environment and numerous artistic chances. Laura’s stay in Paris has been characterized by a growing love for new R&B, Afro, Urban, and sophisticated Pop, inspired by musicians like Varnish La Piscine, Jorja Smith, Luidji, LYNN, Makala, and Kaytranada.

In 2021, Laura became a member of the Jazz-Funk group ‘Who Parked The Car’, acquiring valuable stage and studio skills from more than 50 live shows and numerous recording sessions. This partnership helped her refine her abilities as an adaptable artist. Moreover, her regular appearances at jams in Paris have improved her ability to perform on stage and her musical skills. In June 2024, Laura Wamba starts her own music journey by releasing her first single, “French Kiss,” along with a music video and an upcoming 5-track EP.

Credit: Rania Bahzad
Credit: Rania Bahzad

Laura Wamba’s first single, “French Kiss” released on June 14th, 2024, is an entrancing exploration of unmet longings and the alluring art of seduction. The song quickly grabs the listener’s attention by delving into emotions and relationships with a mix of R&B and Urban Pop elements. The music is influenced by the emotive tunes of Varnish la Piscine and the captivating singing of Jorja Smith, giving it a contemporary yet classic musical style. Wamba’s decision to sing in French enhances the song’s appeal and elegance, creating a blend of personal expression and cultural significance.

The track begins with a soft rhythm and gentle tune that slowly surrounds the listener. This soft beginning establishes the mood of the music, providing a captivating listening experience right from the start. As the rhythm progresses, it is enhanced by various instruments that create a rich, enveloping sound. This precise arrangement of sounds showcases Salvatore’s skill in production, guaranteeing that each component has room to shine and adds to the overall unity of the song.

Laura Wamba stands out for her vocal performance in “French Kiss.” The listener is immediately captivated by her soft, soulful-toned voice. Wamba’s performance is defined by a subtle touch that elevates the song’s sense of intimacy. Singing in French, she adds a touch of sophistication and complexity to the lyrics that delve into the subtle feelings of desire and uncertainty. The fact that she can express intricate emotions in a delicate manner shows her talent as a singer and her profound grasp of the song’s messages.

The lyrics of “French Kiss” explore the complexities of human relationships, centering on the underlying, sometimes unspoken maneuvers of seduction. Laura Wamba’s performance captures an intimate and vulnerable feeling, showing the hesitations and uncertainties that come with the excitement of a new crush. The song tells a story that includes both the excitement of being attracted to someone and the sadness of having unfulfilled wishes. Wamba’s expressive singing skillfully alternates between gentle and mesmerizing, and occasionally more powerful and emotional, enhancing the thematic complexity.

In terms of music, “French Kiss” is notable for its creative production led by Thomas Salvatore, who worked with Laura on ‘Who Parked The Car.’ Salvatore produces a complex, layered sonic environment that effortlessly fuses electronic and organic components. The decision to include the trombone in the blend is especially remarkable, bringing an added level of richness and coziness to the song. This surprising component not only elevates the entire composition but also makes the song stand out in a competitive music scene. The mellow sound of the trombone contrasts with the modern electronic beats, combining to form a harmonious blend of classic and contemporary elements.

Credit: Rania Bahzad
Credit: Rania Bahzad

The arrangement of the song is carefully designed to guarantee that the vocal and instrumental parts harmonize seamlessly. The music’s light and rhythmic quality creates a perfect setting for Laura’s vocals to stand out without being overpowered. The equilibrium is essential for the song’s triumph, as it produces a harmonious mix that is captivating and calming. The interaction among the various components of the song demonstrates the collaborative harmony between Wamba and Salvatore, producing a cohesive and meticulously planned piece of music.

To sum up, “French Kiss” is a well-crafted first song that highlights Laura Wamba’s special mix of R&B, Urban Pop, and jazz influences. The debut of the song indicates the start of a potentially successful solo career for Wamba, who has gained recognition as a member of ‘Who Parked The Car’ band. “French Kiss” establishes a high standard for Wamba’s future projects with its lush production, emotive lyrics, and mesmerizing vocals. It is a song that encourages multiple listens, unveiling new depths of significance and musical complexity each time. This first song paves the way for her upcoming EP and positions her as a standout artist in the current music landscape. For those who enjoy R&B and Urban Pop, “French Kiss” is a great song to add to your playlists. Make sure to give it a listen!

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