The six tracks on Lily Welch’s most recent EP, “Medicine,” offer a unique perspective on the human experience via love, loss, and self-discovery. It is a voyage of introspection, heartache, and hope. She utilizes music as a form of therapy to process her emotions and connect with others. She does this through jarring beats and rhythms, electronic pop tastes, and heartfelt lyrics.

As a child, Lily Welch was always surrounded by words and songs. Her parents were enthusiastic book and music fans, and she grew up with a love of both. She would spend hours scribbling stories and poems in her notebook, and when she was old enough, she learned to play the violin at school. That was a new method for her to express herself, and she enjoyed the feeling of producing something lovely. Her father taught her to play the guitar when she was twelve years old. It opened up a whole new universe of possibilities for her, and she began writing her own tunes. She recalls the exhilaration of her first performance in front of a small crowd with nothing but her guitar and her voice. That was terrifying but also thrilling. She realized she wanted to make music her life from that moment forward.

Lily Welch used music to process her feelings and connect with others. Even while everything else was changing, it remained a constant in her life. She just wants to keep making music at the end of the day. She wishes to make and share music that moves people in the same way that it has moved her.

“Medicine” her latest EP, released on March 15th, 2023, combines explosive beats and rhythms with electronic pop tastes and Lily Welch’s storytelling abilities. The instrumentation produces a lush and full sound that nicely matches the poignant lyrics. Each track provides a distinct viewpoint on the human experience via love, tragedy, and self-discovery. Music is medicine for Lily Welch, Whether she’s struggling with loss, worry, or the stresses of everyday life, playing music or creating a song helps her to find her core.

“Medicine” Tracklist:

· This Way

· Love Language

· Unsettling

· Thought You Were The One

· The Weight Of It

· Bring It Back

A journey of introspection, heartache, and hope is “Medicine.” The EP has six songs and is about 20 minutes long. The first song on the EP, “This Way,” sets the tone for the rest of the EP with an amazing electric guitar riff. “I can’t feel you here” and “I’m still here at the end of the day” are the first two lyrics the artist sings while the drums and baseline are slow and steady. The song is a heartbreaking portrayal of someone who feels alone and is powerless to change their circumstances.

Slow-tempo music like “Love Language” encourages reflection in its listeners. The song’s opening acoustic guitar riffs create a calming atmosphere for listeners. The struggle of being in a relationship where you feel like you must change yourself in order to please the other person is the subject of the song. The artist sings, “Now my vision’s kinda blurry, not been the same as it has been” and “I can’t take the words around me, not gonna lose myself again.” She also sings, “Lose yourself in my insecurities,” which is a vulnerable moment in the song.

The piano-driven ballad “Thought You Were The One” highlights Lily Welch’s incredible vocal range. The song’s lyrics are about falling in love and experiencing heartache after realizing that the relationship isn’t meant to be. Lily Welch’s vocals, which powerfully capture the pain of heartbreak, give the song a raw, emotional quality.

When Lily Welch’s anxiety was at its worst, she wrote this EP. The song “Unsettling” depicts how it felt like the world was collapsing at the same time. The tempo of “Unsettling” is faster than that of the earlier songs. The song has an interesting and distinctive sound thanks to the combination of electronic and acoustic sounds. The lyrics discuss feeling uneasy in life and being unsure of what to do next. Strong and emotive vocals by Lily Welch contribute to the song’s overall mood.

Lily Welch’s concern and the complexity of her relationship with her mother are expressed in the song “The Weight Of It.” The melody to “The Weight Of It” is eerie and perfectly complements the lyrics. The struggle that comes with carrying the weight of the world on one’s shoulders is the subject of the song. The song’s mood is enhanced by the delicate and heartfelt vocals of Lily Welch. This song’s production is distinctive and intriguing, and each instrument enhances the overall sound.

The final song on this incredible EP, “Bring It Back,” is a pure and tranquil piece of music. The song only lasts for 2:26 and begins with soft guitar riffs. The singer’s vocal performance is excellent. The listener hears a slow, steady track because of how steady the drums and hi-hat are. Melodies that blend together in this track are brought about by the introduction of other instruments, such as the electric guitar.

The production is excellent, and Lily Welch did a fantastic job creating this masterpiece. Therefore, I implore you to unwind and enjoy this incredible EP.

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