Marc Allen’s album “Eveningsong,” released on April 9th, 2017, is a mesmerizing collection of six tracks spanning 26 minutes and 9 seconds, offering a tranquil journey through emotive vocals, cinematic instrumentals, and intricate melodies. Each composition, from the opening “O Mistress Mine” to the closing “Fables,” evokes a sense of serenity and longing, creating an immersive experience that leaves listeners yearning for more.

Marc Allen is a seasoned musician and prolific writer whose artistic journey began in early childhood. With a passion for singing and playing keyboards, he honed his musical prowess, crafting melodies since the age of 16. Marc’s discography boasts seven albums, comprising five instrumental marvels like “Breathe” and “Petals” in collaboration with Sky Canyon, as well as three solo works: “Quiet Moments,” “Solo Flight,” and “Awakening.” Adding to his musical versatility, he unveiled two lyrical albums, “Eveningsong” and “Seeds,” both of which showcase his captivating vocals and the virtuosity of vibraphonist Sky Canyon.

Marc’s instrumental masterpieces, particularly “Breathe” and “Petals,” garnered accolades as “New Age Golden Oldies.” These enchanting compositions have graced healing spaces, airline channels, and multimedia productions, earning their place as soundtracks for presentations and films. The allure of his work extended to the documentary realm, with “Quiet Moments” serving as the poignant backdrop for the Hallmark documentary “Wolves in the Wild.”

“Per De Per De Prajtina (Gypsy Love Charm)” ensnares the heart with its opening chords. Marc Allen’s dynamic voice takes center stage as he croons “Per De Per De Prajtina,” infusing his vocals with a captivating passion. Lines like “scattered leaves around the sea, where will my true lover be?” paint vivid images of yearning. The chorus, infectious and lingering, stays with you long after the song concludes. Each note carries a sense of emotional intensity, and Allen’s ability to convey emotions through his voice is truly a work of art.

Beyond his musical endeavors, Marc Allen is a prolific author, penning insightful books such as “The Magical Path” and “Visionary Business.” His impact on the literary landscape goes beyond his own writing, as he founded and leads New World Library, a prominent independent publishing house in America. Through his multifaceted artistry and visionary leadership, Marc Allen continues to leave an indelible mark on the worlds of music, literature, and creativity.

Marc Allen’s album “Eveningsong” ft. Sky Canyon, stands out as a masterpiece that captivates the senses and stirs the soul in the category of music that takes you to another dimension. This album, which was released on April 9th, 2017, is made up of six entrancing songs that last a total of 26 minutes, 9 seconds. It weaves together a tapestry of melodies and emotions. “Eveningsong” is a must-add to playlists that cater to anything from relaxation and healing to uplifting and tranquil atmospheres because of its ethereal compositions, which are a treasure trove of calming sounds suited for a range of settings.

“Eveningsong” album tracklist

· O Mistress Mine

· Per De Per De Prajtina (Gypsy Love Charm)

· Song for a Deva

· Prayer for an Unborn Child

· Minor Key Lullaby

· Fables

The album opens with the enchanting track “O Mistress Mine.” From the very first notes, listeners are embraced by a cinematic sound that transports them to serene landscapes of tranquility. The gentle keys of the vibraphone envelop the listener, drawing them deep into introspection. As the stage is set, Marc Allen’s emotive vocals gently glide in, seamlessly blending with the instrumentation. His vocal range is a marvel, transitioning effortlessly from soaring highs to velvety lows. Lines like “Your true love is come that can sing both highs and lows” and “trip no further pretty sweety,” resonate with a sense of longing and devotion. A standout moment occurs around the 2:26 mark when the vocals momentarily recede, allowing the vibraphone to shine and introducing a new rhythm that ignites a fresh surge of emotions. The soft piano melody in the background adds further depth, ensuring that this track serves as an exquisite prelude to the auditory journey that follows.

As the album progresses, “Fables” takes the listener on a melodic journey enriched by meticulous piano and vibraphone playing from the onset. The mood becomes anticipatory as the instrumentation uplifts the senses, and Marc Allen’s voice reverberates with a haunting quality. Here, a background vocal joins in unison, offering a layered listening experience that heightens the emotional depth of the track. “Fables” serves as a fitting conclusion to the emotional roller coaster that “Eveningsong” embodies, leaving listeners both fulfilled and yearning for more.

The production quality of “Eveningsong” is nothing short of remarkable. Each song resonates with a unique brilliance that deepens with every listen. From the opening notes of “O Mistress Mine” to the closing chords of “Fables,” the album envelops the listener in an intricate tapestry of sound and emotion. To truly immerse oneself in the essence of the album, listening in order is recommended. The cohesive flow of the tracks enhances the overall experience, ensuring that the magic of “Eveningsong” remains uninterrupted.

Listening to Marc Allen’s “Eveningsong” is a journey that leaves you craving more even as the last note fades away. The album’s ability to transport you to serene landscapes, stir your emotions, and envelop you in its brilliance is unparalleled. Whether you’re in search of tranquility, introspection, or simply a moment of respite from the hustle and bustle of life, “Eveningsong” is a musical sanctuary that invites you to linger, replay, and savor its melodic treasures. As you listen, time seems to stand still, and you’re left with an undeniable longing for the enchanting embrace of “Eveningsong” to never end.

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