Marc Schuster is a multi-talented solo artist whose musical and artistic endeavors span the globe, marked by collaborations with a myriad of artists and projects such as The Star Crumbles and Scoopski. Drawing inspiration from Elvis Costello, his work traverses genres from Pop Punk to New Wave and Indie, reflecting his eclectic musical taste. In addition to his musical pursuits, Marc is a college professor, a radio show host for AMS Radio’s Tweetcore Radio Hour, and a blogger who interviews independent artists on “Abominations.” His coined term “Tweetcore” has garnered significant attention within the music community, further showcasing his influence and commitment to the arts.

Arguably,” which came out on May 1st, 2024, showcases Marc Schuster’s unwavering spirit and artistic integrity. Marc wrote, produced, and released all 8 tracks on the album, showcasing his authentic musical talent. The inclusion of guest backing vocals by Jim Lorino from Scoopski on the track “Paul Giamatti” adds a layer of collaborative richness to the album. Marc’s lyrical dexterity shines through in “Arguably,” where he deftly balances expressive storytelling with personal anecdotes that may resonate deeply with him or his close associates. His penchant for wordplay adds a delightful quirkiness to the album, inviting listeners to peel back the layers of his songwriting.

Arguably Album Track List:

The Best Day:
“The Best Day”,
the opening track of Marc Schuster’s album “Arguably,” sets the tone with a jubilant rhythm that immediately grabs the listener’s attention. The instrumentation is the focus from the very beginning, creating a composition full of happiness and excitement. As the song progresses, the beat stays consistent, leading the listener until the vocals smoothly blend in at the 1:37-minute point. Starting off modestly, the vocals gradually pick up speed, injecting the composition with a noticeable feeling of excitement by the 2:09-minute point.
In “The Best Day,” a steady, unwavering rhythm serves as a background for the vocals, ensuring the happy mood stays consistent. The music on the track reflects its name, encouraging people to live in the moment and enjoy the small joys of life. “The Best Day” provides a musical experience that captures the essence of fully embracing life, with every aspect carefully planned from the catchy rhythm to the compelling vocals. As individuals listen to the song’s inspiring tunes, they are motivated to embrace the present and cherish each moment, ensuring that each day is as great as possible.

Rental Home:
“Rental Home”
emerges as a standout composition within Marc Schuster’s album “Arguably,” captivating listeners with its intricate blend of rhythm and storytelling. The track unfolds with a solo beat, immediately drawing the listener into its rhythmic embrace. As the music continues, it transforms into a dynamic piece, adding extra components to enhance the listening adventure. The arrangement is enriched by a rhythmic synth sound, which enhances the sonic landscape with energy and allure.
At 43 seconds, a female voice joins the mix, embodying the persona of the “Rental Home.” Through the way she presents it, the home takes on a personality of its own, sharing the tales of those who live there and reflecting their experiences. The lyrics depict the home as a quiet witness, its walls preserving the memories and experiences of those who have come and gone. At 1:49 minutes, a man’s voice chimes in, enhancing the character of the “Rental Home” and providing more layers to the story.
In “Rental Home”, the constant beat and rhythmic synth sound provide a cohesive and immersive listening experience for both vocal deliveries. As each line of lyrics is sung by different vocalists, they inject a feeling of closeness and individuality into the words, enabling the audience to form a strong emotional bond with the narrative. From the gentle synthesizer tones to the rhythmic pulse propelling the song, every part of the track blends together perfectly to create a captivating musical experience that lingers even after the music ends.

Marc Schuster

May The Algorithm Smile Upon You:
“May The Algorithm Smile Upon You”
stands out as a captivating highlight on Marc Schuster’s album “Arguably,” captivating listeners with its tranquil atmosphere and elegant melody. Beginning with a gentle rhythmic tune, the song immediately creates a calm atmosphere that encourages the listener to relax and enjoy its comforting embrace. In this context, the vocals flow with ease and elegance, harmonizing beautifully with the gentle rhythm of the melody.
In contrast to certain songs with sudden changes, “May The Algorithm Smile Upon You” stays true to a steady atmosphere, letting the gentle melody enchant without interruption. The peaceful vocal delivery reflects this calmness, smoothly blending with the melody without any sense of tension or hurry. Instead, it emits a feeling of tranquility and peace, establishing a calm environment that surrounds the listener with its coziness.
The simplicity of the track reveals its beauty as it progresses. There are no bold decorations or dominant music, just a gentle tune and a heartfelt singing style that blend perfectly to form a truly captivating piece. From beginning to end, “May The Algorithm Smile Upon You” showcases Marc Schuster’s talent for creating music that deeply connects with the spirit.

Blue Light:
The song “Blue Light,” which closes Marc Schuster’s album “Arguably,” takes listeners on a serene journey with its soft melodies and rhythmic foundation. Like the previous track, the song continues to feature a calm vocal performance that smoothly blends with the rhythmic music. This harmonious combination generates a musical piece that brings about a feeling of calm and peacefulness, encouraging listeners to relax and immerse themselves in its calming atmosphere. “Blue Light” acts as a suitable finale, bringing together the overarching themes explored in the earlier songs of the album.
The intentional tempo and organized rhythm of the song provide a feeling of closure and finality, effectively concluding the album. Even though it shares similarities with the previous track, “Blue Light” still manages to have its own unique identity, showcasing Schuster’s talent in creating compositions that are both unified and varied. In “Blue Light,” the consistent and intentional rhythmic structure creates a strong base for the calm vocal performance to shine. The soft tunes and peaceful ambiance of the track leave a lasting feeling of calmness even after the music ends. As the audience reaches the end of the album’s musical voyage, they feel satisfied and accomplished, having been led through a diverse array of sounds and emotions by Marc Schuster’s skillful artistry.

The remarkable aspect of “Arguably” lies in the circumstances of its inception. In spite of a major shoulder injury that prevented him from playing bass for Scoopski, Marc’s unwavering determination resulted in the album’s completion. It demonstrates resilience and passion, showing that physical obstacles cannot defeat creative ambition. Every song in “Arguably” is a distinct musical creation, combining powerful vocals and instrumentation to captivate the listener’s mind. From the initial note to the final one, the album takes listeners on a musical voyage through the intricate sound world that Marc Schuster has expertly constructed.

Essentially, “Arguably” is more than just a music album; it tells a story of artistic determination, celebrates community, and makes a bold statement against music industry pressures. It is essential for anyone who values the passion and dedication put into indie music to give it a listen. Make sure to listen to this album and feel the passion of Marc Schuster’s world!

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