“It All Feels Like Christmas” by Martin Reynolds is a Christmas acoustic pop tune made with the intention of raising funds for the charity Crisis and encouraging the idea of valuing happiness over material possessions. The song’s pre-chorus reflects Reynolds’s perspective of Christmas as a period of kindness, unity, and setting differences while also serving as a reminder to have compassion and support those who are less fortunate, particularly during the holiday season”.

Martin Reynolds, a British musician based in Tamworth, draws inspiration from artists such as The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Jackson Browne, Laura Marling, The Beach Boys, and The Rolling Stones to develop his own distinct style of classic indie folk music. Those personal, largely acoustic tracks on loss, acceptance, mythmaking, and optimism were then brought to life in his “sanctuary,” Silky Studios, a rehearsal space that, like many businesses, failed to recover from the devastating economic effects of the pandemic. He began writing lyrics during his daily, government-approved exercise and recorded them in any empty space in a busy home.

Martin Reynolds, who was the drummer for the Tamworth-based grunge-blues duo You Dirty Blue, which performed at festivals such as Farmer Phils, Off The Tracks, and Glastonbury, supporting well-known musicians like Wolf Alice, Starcrawler, White Lung, The Groundhogs, and Radio Moscow as well as up-and-coming artists like John, made the decision to change his musical path during lockdown and transition from behind the drum kit to become a singer/songwriter. Where There’s Hope, a tender fusion of 1960s power pop and unflinchingly honest lyrics, has been called “a tonic” for tumultuous times by Counteract magazine. Additionally, Martin Reynolds’ debut single “Strange Days Indeed” caught the attention of BBC Radio Derby, BBC Radio WM, BBC Music Introducing Coventry and Warwickshire, and BBC Music Introducing in the West Midlands, who went on to call it “The song of lockdown.”

With his song “Everything’s Better,” Martin Reynolds now presents to us his recent creation. For this track, he collaborated with other musicians, breaking out of the solitude that led him to create his earlier work alone. Sheena Vultaggio on piano and backing vocals and Peter Voronov on violin and viola, as well as him playing guitar, bass, and percussion, are all featured on the track. He also provides the lead vocals. With his upbeat indie folk anthem, Martin Reynolds offers some encouragement and creates the soundtrack for the world’s recovery from these two difficult years. “Everything’s Better,” which captures an enduring sound, is a testament to his songwriting talent on a single that will undoubtedly make you smile.

Martin Reynolds has had a successful year in 2022, opening up for Jim White of America and closing the Commonwealth Games in Tamworth. He keeps getting better and better. Martin’s final release of the year 2022, “It All Feels Like Christmas,” was made available on December 16. Shenna Vultaggio played the piano, and Becky Walker played the saxophone, in addition to Martin Reynolds on vocals, guitar, drums, xylophone, and bells.

Sheena Vultaggio and Martin Reynolds met at a songwriters circle event she hosts in Tamworth. He asked her to join him on a cover of the Foo Fighters’ Times Like These, and she agreed. She has been playing with him ever since he asked her to join him when he was asked to play the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games. However, Martin Reynolds and Becky Walker were asked to perform at a Rolling Stones tribute concert called “Exile on Main Street” that the Night Owl in Birmingham, England, was hosting, and that’s how they met. She is also a member of Birmingham’s High Horses.


Martin Reynolds recorded “It All Feels Like Christmas” in his practice room at Tamworth’s Sinewave Studios. Becky Walker‘s saxophone part was recorded in her parent’s kitchen, and Sheena Vultaggio performed her piano part at home. The song, a Christmas tune, was created to aid in the effort to raise funds for Crisis, a national charity that supports those who are homeless. Martin Reynolds is working to change things because he detests the idea of people being forced to live on the streets, especially during these lengthy, chilly winter nights.

The core of “It All Feels Like Christmas” is a love song dedicated to Christmas. Its message is about prioritizing happiness over materialistic possessions, and the idea that if one achieves true happiness, every day can feel like Christmas. Martin Reynolds, the artist behind the song, is likely fond of Christmas due to the holiday’s emphasis on kindness and unity among people, which is much needed in the world. The pre-chorus reflects Reynolds‘ perception of what Christmas represents: the enjoyment and fun children experience, people uniting harmoniously, and differences being set aside.

Martin Reynolds actually experienced two laptop deletions of the track, and he was on the verge of giving up. Truth be told, though, it’s not in his nature to give up, and Becky supported him in continuing, which demonstrates that this song is more than just a track that people can enjoy together; it’s also a blessing that brings peace to the populace. Do not neglect to hear this masterpiece.

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