Mase J releases his new emotional hiphop single

“Head/Heart” is a love ballad about the battle to reconcile one’s feelings and ego. Mase J’s personal experience with trust problems in a relationship prompted the song, which conveys a heartfelt and genuine message about heartbreak and personal development.

Head/Heart,” Mase J’s new single is a touching and emotional tune that displays his skills as a rapper and composer. The music recounts the tale of Mase J’s love experience and the difficulties he encountered when attempting to balance his ego with his feelings. It’s a powerful and touching tune that will speak to anyone who has battled with emotional issues

The music starts with an acoustic guitar and a background vocal singing, “I wish I was dead cold, I wish I was buried” Then, Mase J’s vocal settles in as he begins with rhyming “she said she love me and I believe that. Keep it 100.” It becomes clear as the song goes on that the subject is his battle to balance his emotions and mind when it comes to falling in love. Mase J’s rapping abilities are clearly on display in this song, which also features poignant and sincere words. The acoustic guitar and drums combine flawlessly to create a warm and welcoming sound, and the production value is excellent. The mix is well-balanced.

Iyisha Rose Williams
Iyisha Rose Williams

Mase J stated in an interview that “Head/Heart” is about being torn between head and heart, love and ego. He composed the tune when he was younger, when he was having trust problems in a relationship. He struggled to win his partner’s trust, and the outside world influenced his choices, causing his relationship to fail. At the same time, he was giving everything he had, attempting to make things work, but he was divided. He had a lot of heartbreak and learned a lot of lessons.

The subtle melody near the conclusion exemplifies the composition’s emotional complexity, displaying Mase J‘s abilities as a rapper and songwriter. The overall compositional balance is exceptional, as is the production quality, demonstrating how music has the power to communicate with our feelings and bring us together.

Iyisha Rose Williams
Iyisha Rose Williams

Head/Heart” is the first song from Mase J‘s forthcoming EP, “Photodump/Exit Left,” expected out on March 18th, 2023. Mase J is purging past issues and trying to improve himself with this EP. His voice serves as a guide as he navigates heartbreak and loneliness, deals with mental health problems, and emerges from a hazy daze.

Finally, “Head/Heart” is a strong and moving composition that will undoubtedly reverberate with audiences. Mase J has put his heart and soul into this song, and it shows. His lyrical ability comes through, and his voices blend in nicely. If you like hip-hop with passion, this is a tune you should add to your playlist. 

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