Kenton Hall and The Necessay Measures’ album “Idiopath” explores different topics such as love, relationships, hope, nostalgia, and personal development. Each composition is likely to communicate a distinct message and feeling, and the record as a whole reflects Kenton Hall’s personal experiences and artistic expression.

Kenton Hall is a Canadian novelist, actor, filmmaker, and musician who was the frontman for the band “ist” from 2001 to 2010, releasing three critically praised albums: “Freudian Cordurory” in 2004, “King Martha” in 2005, and “Toothpick Bridge” in 2009. 

With musical group Kenton Hall & The Necessary Measures, Kenton Hall released his debut double albums, “Idiopath” and “Omniopath.” “Idiopath” was released on January 31st, 2023, as part of a multimedia project that includes “Idiopath” (36 original songs), “Omniopath” (all 36 songs reinterpreted by other artists), and “Videopath,” a collection of 36 short films that will comprise a feature-length video anthology in December 2023.  “Idiopath” is broken up into three discs; disc one has 12 songs, disc two has 11 songs, and disc three has 13 songs, bringing the total number of songs to 36. 

Iain Jacques/Pamela Raith
Iain Jacques/Pamela Raith

Every listen to “Idiopath” reveals more and more to admire about the album’s well-composed tunes. “Mediocre Mile” is a song that is included on Disc 1. The song tells the tale of Hannah, a waitress from a land of milk and honey, and Franklin, a drifter who was constantly moving money. Despite the fact that Franklin dated numerous women, Hannah’s mother was concerned about a man like FranklinHannah, however, had a soft spot for him. Franklin is described as good for nothing in the singer’s song about his heedless behavior. The opening percussion and guitar riffs of the song establish a mellow and engrossing mood that serves as the foundation for the rest of the song. The artist’s vocals and the bass guitar’s melody combine to make a stunning and harmonious sound that is pleasing to the ear.

Both the artist’s vocal performance and lyrics are excellent. The story is cleverly written and captivating, keeping the listener interested from beginning to end. The overall sound of the song has elements of traditional country rock, but it also has a contemporary twist that makes it unique. Whether you’re relaxing at home or taking a long drive, “Mediocre Mile” is the kind of song you can play anywhere.

On Disc 1, “It’s Not Over Yet” is another riveting song that demonstrates the artist’s talent. The mood is set for the rest of the track by the song’s opening piano and percussion. “It’s not over yet; it’s not even close,” the singer sings in the opening line of the song, a brief but potent message of encouragement and hope. The upbeat tempo and groove become more prominent as the song goes on, encouraging the listener to get up and dance. After just one listen, you’ll be singing along to the melody, which is made up of a catchy and memorable guitar riff, piano keys, and percussion. Particularly noteworthy is how the song uses a variety of instruments, with each one blending in perfectly to produce a pleasing and well-balanced sound. The track is carried along by the drums’ steady and reliable beat and the bass guitar’s funky groove. 

The album’s second disc features the outstanding song “FFS (For Fuck Sake),” which opens with a lovely guitar riff and melody that is accompanied by the eerie sounds of the violin. Around the 0:21 mark, the artist’s vocals enter, delivering a potent message of hope and fortitude. You can feel the weight of the struggles and difficulties the artist is addressing when you hear the lyrics, “You said your life is complicated, and you need to take a break,” which are sung with such emotion. The song’s slow tempo and lovely instrumentation create an introspective and reflective atmosphere that is ideal for those times when you need to stop and think. The track has excellent production value, with each component blending in perfectly to produce a beautiful and stirring listening experience.

Another excellent song on Disc 2 is “We’re Not Talking Much At All,” which is a prime illustration of the group’s command of the upbeat and steady-paced country music style. This song establishes a high-energy pace that will have you tapping your feet and moving to the rhythm, from the opening note of the electric guitar to the steady percussion. Kenton Hall’s vocals are a perfect fit for the style, delivering the lyrics in a confident manner with a smooth but powerful voice. This track’s flawless instrumentation, which results in a seamless and enjoyable listening experience, is one of its best features. The electric guitar takes center stage, providing catchy riffs and melodies that go well with the steady percussion and produce a groove that keeps you interested from beginning to end.

The lyrics, which tell the tale of two people who have grown apart and stopped communicating, are resonant and catchy. The artist’s message is one of optimism, encouraging us to start communicating and solving problems at any time. The upbeat and upbeat nature of country music is the ideal medium for this message. 

“The X-Factory,” a fast-paced track with a lively tempo featuring guitar and percussion that will undoubtedly get listeners dancing, is another amazing track I wouldn’t want to miss and can be found on Disc 3. The lyrics of the song tell the tale of Tracy, a woman with two kids and a heroin-dependent husband. Tracy auditions for a talent show, but her reputation as a prostitute and person of bad morals precedes her. “Won’t she give it a rest?” is repeated in the hook in reference to Tracy’s ongoing pursuit of fame despite her troubled past. This country song by The Necessary Measures and Kenton Hall was expertly composed and uses terms like “hook” and “verse” that are common in the genre. The narrative and character development of the song are distinctly country, telling a tale of adversity and tenacity in the face of it.

The traditional country sound is exemplified by the use of guitar and percussion throughout the song’s melody, which gives the music depth and dimension. Because of the song’s tempo and rhythm, which are reminiscent of traditional country music, listeners can lose themselves in the beat and completely lose themselves in the narrative being told.

The last song on Disc 3 and the album’s last song, “In Summation,” is an emotional and touching track that beautifully wraps up the album. Beautiful piano chords and guitar riffs in this song set the stage for an expressive and heartfelt performance. The melody of the song is enhanced by the tender and heartfelt violin, which gives the already moving lyrics more depth. The vocals on this song by Kenton Hall are nothing short of amazing; they perfectly capture the sentiment and sincerity of the lyrics. The opening line of the song, “Now that all of the big words have been said, maybe it’s time that we put things to bed,” sets the tone for the message of the song, which serves as a conclusion to the journey of the album. 

The album’s final track is the ideal way to cap off the emotional rollercoaster that is “Idiopath,” giving listeners a sense of closure and an overview of the album’s message. The artist’s lyrics had a profound emotional impact that made it difficult to say goodbye to the album.

“Idiopath” was recorded entirely at Kenton Hall’s house during the pandemic after several years away from music (making films, writing books, keeping teenage daughters from exploding), and it’s long because no one told him to stop and the songs belonged together, like a lovestruck couple or a sack full of dalmatians. Kenton Hall, Chris Ilett, and Brett Richardson produced this album.

Kenton Hall and The Necessary Measures are absolutely worth keeping an eye on as they elevate themselves artistically, with each track feeling as new as the last. If you enjoy experimental music or are looking for a change of pace, this is an album you should definitely check out.

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