Sam Lumar releases his latest rock single

“Counting On Me” by Sam Lumar is a heartfelt pop-rock ballad that explores themes of loss and death and the impact they have on the people we love. The song features stunning instrumentation, with acoustic guitar, captivating vocal harmonies, and a beautiful ambience that elevates the emotional message delivered through the lyrics.

Sam Lumar‘s relationship with music started when he was a young child in Spain, and his radio presenter father would play him old vinyl records. Sam Lumar began to hear songs in his head while he was in secondary school, as he worked on his homework or whenever he had to study. He soon came to the realization that what he really desired was to devote his life to something more significant, where he could overcome his fear of dying by making something that would endure forever. He then relocated to Valencia to pursue a degree in music production while continuing to play guitar and compose songs. A few years later, he moved to Denmark and then London in search of fresh opportunities and ways to see the world.


The London-based artist Sam Lumar follows up his critically acclaimed debut single “SODA” with another outstanding composition that will captivate all alternative rock music lovers. The sad rock pop song “Counting On Me,” which was released on January 6, 2023, makes references to topics like loss, death, and the worry that those things will affect the people we love. It’s a heartfelt, calming, and catchy song. Sam Lumar has added captivating vocal harmonies to the superbly crafted lyrics to further enhance the message’s ability to be understood. You’ll see how his vocal delivery maintains its composure during the verses but picks up in intensity when the chorus begins; these techniques add to the song’s depth.

The song “Counting On Me” was produced by Sam Lumar and mastered at Abbey Road Studios. You will undoubtedly experience some waterworks as you listen to this painful and wretched track. Sam Lumar sings that chorus line in such a way that it exalts catharsis, which washes over you and relieves the pain you have been feeling up until that point. It takes you on a journey—an emotional ride that makes you feel a variety of emotions before its conclusion leaves you completely drenched and renewed. “Counting On Me” is a pop-rock ballad done exceptionally well, though thematically it is far from easy listening.

A calm and languorous overture by the artist gradually sets the mood, but once the rhythm section kicks in, the rest of the song maintains a moderate tempo. You’ll hear how important the acoustic guitar performance is to this sonic equation and how Sam Lumar paid close attention to every detail when putting these chord progressions together. Under all the aforementioned instrumentations, there is a substantial layer of gorgeous ambience that perfectly complements the acoustic performance. Sam Lumar carefully considered every detail when writing and composing this song, and the result is a stunning pop-rock ballad that will captivate your listening apparatus regardless of the type of music you prefer. You’ll notice how indie rock, indie pop, classic pop, and soft rock inspired this skilled artist to put together such an incredible song, in addition to the sheer dominance of alternative rock.

You should definitely add “Count On Me” to your playlist now!

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