“Darling” by Aggressive Soccer Moms is a powerful post punk song about challenging someone who calls the artist a liar, and the vocals convey a strong, determined, and fiery sentiment towards this person. The song is a testament to the artist’s power and resilience, as they assert their individuality and refuse to be diminished by others

Aggressive Soccer Moms, a.k.a. “ASM,” is a Swedish duo formed in 2017 and consisting of Thomas Wahlström on vocals and sometimes instruments and Anders Bergström on all other instruments and programming. Sometimes they invite friends to work with them. They both have their roots in the early punk movement of the late seventies. After their debut album “Groucho No. 5” in 2009, the band members have been perfecting their craft, and rising up the ranks, making eternal songs that can stand the test of time. Combining post-punk with dream-pop, the band has a spontaneous, ferocious, and vivacious musical style.

The second track from Aggressive Soccer Moms‘ upcoming album “Quint,” “Darling,” was released on January 26, 2023, following their previous single “That’s How I Fell.” While maintaining a Depeche Mode-like similarity, “Darling” has one foot firmly planted in modern dream-pop and lo-fi sounds and the other in 1980s synth-pop. The song’s pulsating beat and mellow, comforting synth sentiments carry you along. The boys take you from a soft floating to a pounding beat as it ends with something leaning more toward punk/hard rock, which is an interesting change of pace.

That’s How I Feel,” the duo’s previous single, was included on the b-side of “Darling,” which was released as a double single. The two songs are each other’s creative extensions. They combine to create the ideal loop, an amorphous continuum that can only fit into the other like soul mates. As he chases one high after another, “Darling” is similar to a drug addict’s haze. It causes one to feel helpless and unchangeably resigned. The foundation for the vocal dominance is provided by pulsing basslines, metallic percussion, and recurring synthesizer touches.

Your head will start nodding and your feet will start tapping as soon as “Darling” starts. The aggressive vocals are a trademark of the band’s sound, and the saxophone adds an extra layer of energy to the song. We hear a guitar solo for the first time in an Aggressive Soccer Moms song, which gives the group’s sound a new dimension. You’ll be hooked and engaged by “Darling‘s” frantic arrangement and blitzkrieg pace, which will give you an exhilarating musical experience. Fans of high-octane, punk-inspired rock and roll should definitely listen to this song.

When the artist sings, “You call me a liar, but you don’t get to call me darling,” it’s impossible not to feel the fire in their words and get swept up in the emotion of the song. The lyrics’ weight and the emotive narration balance the minimalistic soundscape. The musicians create a mood of morbidity and mystique throughout the song, keeping us guessing as to what will happen next. The song ends with an electric guitar interlude. It has a distinct Arabian sound profile, which gives it an additional enigmatic twist.

This song’s excellent production highlights ASM‘s mastery of the electronic pop genre. This song is ideal for both fans of the genre and those who are just getting into it because the combination of electronic and pop elements creates a sound that is both familiar and new. The song has a good sense of proportion and just the right amount of excitement and energy to keep listeners interested from beginning to end. The song is both entertaining and empowering thanks to the artist’s strong vocals, catchy hook, and upbeat beat.

Go listen to the amazing masterpiece now!

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