Embodiment By Claire Bigley And Jami Sieber

A pianist with classical training named Claire Bigley has recently started to simply play and record the music that strikes her at the moment. Being able to play better and letting the music flow has felt very magical and empowering for someone who has spent years learning to read the notes on the page. In addition to her single “Quieting Tremors,” which was released on June 25, 2021, she also released her first digital album, “Labyrinth,” in March 2019 and her second, “Love Letters in the Time of Covid,” in December 2020. She loves writing music that she hopes will calm, ground, and inspire the listener.

Claire Bigley is a story writer, and it helps when she writes stories while playing the piano. She has had a successful career as a teacher, musical director in theater, and performer, all with emotional phrasings and delicate compositions. Her album “Emergence,” which she released in 2022, features a duet reprise, and “Embodiment (duet),” which she released on December 21, 2022, of that same year, is yet another work of art.

Claire Bigley released “Embodiment” as a piano solo in September, but she already knew she’d be releasing a duet version of the song. While recording the piano tracks for this, she kept hearing the cello, and she was fortunate to work with Jami Sieber. She enjoys how the two instruments dance and complement each other on this track.

Claire Bigley plays piano on the new single duet “Embodiment,” and Jami Sieber plays the cello. She approached Jami Sieber earlier this year, wondering if she’d be interested in working together on a song. Jami Sieber initially declined because she was too busy working on her new album, “Feast of Losses,”  with Kim RosenClaire Bigley contacted her again after recording the piano solo version of Embodiment, thinking that if she liked the track, she might reconsider. Fortunately, she was correct, and Jami Sieber agreed to include the cello in the track. They only collaborated virtually via email.

Claire Bigley recorded the piano tracks on her laptop at home and mixed and arranged them. Jami Sieber recorded herself and sent the audio recordings to Claire Bigley, who chose which parts to use. Claire Bigley thinks this song is heartbreakingly beautiful. It ends with the hymn ‘Shall we gather at the River,’ which evokes a call to empowerment and grace.

The “Embodiment” duet is a complete work of art, and it is presented here with only the flourishes and highlights that seem relevant. The strings imitate a vocalist, adding an unexpected dimension to the song. The piano fades into the background, retaining its percussive, poignant feel as an instrument. When the strings and piano join forces for some sections, you know this is a match made in heaven. It’s the song’s heart and soul coming together. It’s a waltz worth hearing, with every breath in and out captured by the instrument’s subtleties. Furthermore, it is a drama that is just waiting to be noticed, and here it is, framed.

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