“Smile At Christmas” Original Single by Eva No

Eva Nordell, also known as Eva No, is a Swedish translator and songwriter who debuted as an artist in 2019 with her debut single “Run with the Angels.” She was a singer in a local band in Ornsköldsvik, northern Sweden when she was in her late teens. Since then, she has been writing songs. She is now based in Stockholm.

As the holiday season approaches, many musicians are gearing up to celebrate with some fantastic music. Eva Nordell released a new single titled “Smile at Christmas” on November 18, 2022.

Eva No. has poured her heart and soul into “Smile at Christmas,” a classic holiday song. Martin Klaman produced the song, which Eva No wrote. The track is expertly put together, and it has nearly 5,000 plays on Spotify alone in a week. It’s a timeless, nostalgic, and ultimately upbeat song. When listening to the lyrics, the song has a melancholy undertone, but the overall message is positive. It’s also a stark reminder of memory’s power.

Christmas, more than any other holiday, provides an ideal opportunity to look back while also looking forward. If you enjoy music that is made with passion, “Smile at Christmas” is for you! It’d be a great addition to any Christmas playlist.

Humans, particularly music fans, are, I believe, quick to detect someone’s honesty, authenticity, and sincerity. The undeniable talent of Eva Nordell is what makes her such an exciting artist. Eva Nordell has been working as a solo artist since the release of her debut album, “Run with the Angels,” in 2019, and we can’t wait to hear more from her.

Discover more about Eva Nordell and listen to her song “Smile at Christmas.” All major digital streaming platforms will carry the song.

Have fun with ‘Smile at Christmas.’

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