Australian-based Sonomancer releases his Anthemic single

“Stoppage Time” an original single by Sonomancer

There is nothing else like Sonomancer’s music, which is completely original. His music has its roots in the UK rave scene, but it also borrows ominous melodies from film scores to give it a very unique aesthetic. Sonomancer creates a sound that is influenced by metal, the future, and independent music by fusing elements from different genres. Sonomancer, despite his extraordinary talent, prefers to remain unidentified. This only heightens the mystery and allure of his music.

The new single “Stoppage Time” by Australian musician Sonomancer was made available on November 28, 2022. With chilling bass, precise drumming, and an edgy synth sound, “Stoppage Time” takes you on a two-minute journey through emotions you never knew you had. The single, despite its brief length, has a very catchy beat that pulls you in right away. It only lasts for two minutes, so there is no opportunity to get bored.

Sonomancer likes a lot of things, but his favorites are good music and football. Both of these interests are combined in “Stoppage Time,” which enables us to experience genuine passion from a highly condensed source—the mind. The music contains elements of a Neo-dance wave and techno by Sonomancer. Like the game that served as inspiration, it pulses and expands, never really settling into a predictable structure. It is also unpredictable and thrilling. You may be familiar with your team, its members, its opponents, and its strategies, but you can never predict how a game will turn out. What makes it exciting is the unknown and the “what if?” You’ll have to listen for yourself to sense the victory in “Stoppage Time,” which contains all of those feelings bottled up and pressed.

Stoppage Time” is a sound journey that lasts the entire song. One of the most acoustically captivating moods for exploration and discovery that I’ve heard in a while is created by cheers and drum rhythms throughout the entire track. The music, synthesizers, and sound effects keep you sufficiently entertained as the second half is introduced. Starting with the high-flying drums and shouts that open the song and continuing through to its fantastic finale, Sonomancer offers an unexpectedly short but incredibly engaging feel-good melody that should not be missed.

Stoppage Time” captures the adrenaline rush of a soccer match’s final seconds. It has a strong football theme and appears to be about the final seconds of a game, the drama, late goals, and everything. The blending of worlds is what drew me to this song. The track’s opening chants, which serve as a mantra throughout, as well as the whistle-like sounds and soft percussion that sounds like stamping feet. The melody is fast and arpeggiated as if it were keeping time with a sprinter’s stride. Every sound appears to have been meticulously considered, nurtured, and coached into place.

Stoppage Time” is a great song to listen to 

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