Lump200 announces the release of his latest Electronic single

The dark and unique track “I Am the Elephant in the Room” by Lump200 mixes chaotic noises and unsettling beats to express a message about dealing with difficult subjects or circumstances, symbolized by the metaphor of an elephant in the room.

The first Lump200 releases of the 2000s, which included four singles and an album on Mentalgroove/Kompakt, were announced by Forced Exposure. Several of these songs were included in Luke Slater’s Fear and Loathing on Two Decks Mixes. Before creating Lump200, René Desalmand, a Berlin-based artist, studied jazz saxophone, (co-)produced a number of radio plays, worked on transmedial features, and participated in a number of other acclaimed multidisciplinary projects. 

Since then, three off-label albums have been released, as well as two bands that have adapted the unusual tracks for the dance floor. The modular sound is constantly shifting between composition and improvisation. Lump200 is held together more by precise language and mixing than by a definite musical identity, and there were more experiments that called the division of stage and floor into question.

Marion Masuch
Marion Masuch

René Desalmand is no stranger to the quest for new sounds and adventurous ways, as evidenced by his previous single, “Kryptomarch,” released last year. Now, René Desalmand and his band of outstanding musicians are preparing to return on February 24th, 2023, with their second single from their upcoming fifth album, “IslesOfYou,” in conjunction with an audio participation app in May. The tune is a surreal manifestation of wind instruments, including tuba and bass clarinet, colorful electronics, and even a vibraphone.

Marion Masuch
Marion Masuch

I Am the Elephant in the Room” is “IslesOfYou” second single, a vocal tune that is a little hallucinogenic, dark, and brilliant, basically vocals that are present in their own dark and distinctive way, held together by an uneasy beat and agitated percussions. The outcome is a jumble of chaotic sounds in which winds, synths, and drums cohabit in a furious dance of joy. Funky beats and unsettling recordings coexist in an intimate and slightly terrifying simulation.

Petra Peterffy
Petra Peterffy

“Early in the morning,” the first line of Lump200’s song “I am the Elephant in the Room,” establishes the concept of self-assurance and confidence. “I am the elephant in the room” is repeated throughout the chorus in a catchy beat that is likely to get the audience dancing.

The singer’s voice is entrancing and soft, providing words that are relevant and easy to relate to. The lyrics address themes of love, prayer, and making challenging choices. The singer sings, “To leave or to stay, To give or receive.”

I believe “I am the Elephant in the Room” will appeal to a wide spectrum of listeners since it is, overall, a very engaging track. People will want to listen to this song again and again because of the captivating sounds and catchy groove, and many will find the relevant words to be meaningful.

I heartily suggest listening to this song, and I’m eager to hear more from Lump200 in the future. A few days after this single release, beta version 0.1. of the web app “IslesOfYou” will be released as well. Keep an eye out, have fun, and all the best. 

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