Missingno releases his hiphop Single

“You_Know” is a dark and brooding rap track about grievances with a person who has been unsupportive and unjustly wants to participate in wins.

Missingno, a rap artist from Akron, Ohio, releases his first single of 2023, “You_Know” on January 16th. Missingno gets his name from a glitch in the original Pokémon game that translates to “missing number.” He is a Brooklyn, New York-based rapper who released his debut album, “The Screen,” in 2015, and his most recent track, “You_Know,” is a melancholy rap smash that makes use of glitchy synths, thumping bass, and 808-drums to create a brooding atmosphere for Missingno. Seasoned gamers and enthusiasts of “digital pocket monsters” may be familiar with the term “Missingno.”

“You_Know” is driven by a deep bass rattling against a kick drum that connects to your core. Up in the highs are synths and melodies inspired by classic video games, bringing that 8- and 16-bit sound into the current hip-hop feel. “You_Know” is dark, alone, and profound. You have the impression that you are seeing into the creator’s soul, getting to know them, and knowing their rhythms.

“You_Know” begins with an almost haunting chorus, seemingly reminding the subject of what they’ve done as though it’s common knowledge and doesn’t need to be addressed directly. He, on the other hand, does just that.

With bells blaring off in the background, Missingno rattles off his grievances with this individual, particularly being unsupportive when required, wanting to undeservedly partake in wins, and “acting brand new”. He treats this conduct as the ultimate straw, concluding with him plainly singing, “I ain’t f*****k with you, hope you know it’s the truth”. Though his deep voice are monotone, they may underline the coldness and aloofness that pervades this piece.

This song is the perfect blend of chilled sensations and explosive adrenaline that will get your heart racing, the beat has a wonderful sluggish speed that gives it an airy sense while still packing enough punch to keep the listener engaged all the way through. The songwriting is quite appealing, with a brilliant musical and beat flow that will make you think and absorb every time you listen. If you like gloomy R&B and hip-hop music, then “You Know” is definitely for you.

New Profile Pic (@andrewfennell), IMG-0369 (@xtiquax)
New Profile Pic (@andrewfennell), IMG-0369 (@xtiquax)

Missingno approaches music in an unusual way, drawing directly from love and inspiration to create a distinct and strong sound. This method has a dramatic influence on Missingno music, and I’m glued to it. Listen to “You_Know” as soon as possible; you’ll want to leave your day open so you can play it on repeat.

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