How Can You Mend A Broken Heart By Engelbert Humperdinck

The Bee Gees’ first U.S. number-one single and one of the greatest love songs of all time, “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart,” is performed by Engelbert Humperdinck in a wonderful new rendition. The renowned vocalist gives this timeless classic his unique touch with his sincere rendition, which was captured in Nashville, Tennessee. Along with “You’re The First, The Last, My Everything,” Engelbert’s most recent country hit, the song will be included on his upcoming EP, “All About Love.” When Engelbert performed the Bee Gees song live as part of his most recent YouTube Live Special, which debuted on October 27, 2022, to rousing acclaim, fans of the artist got a sneak preview. In response to the extremely positive live-chat response from Engelbert’s fans, the proper studio version of “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart” has officially been released as a single on November 17th, 2022, and has also been added to his set list for his current live tour.

How Can You Mend a Broken Heart” is a traditional pop love song with a somber tone and a little country twang, A sluggish pace that is practically ideal for reviving memories. Memories flooded back to me once I had time to recover from my astonishment at reviewing this amazing single from Engelbert. An excellent rendition of the Bee Gees‘ original, the song’s seamless beauty is virtually unattainable. His singing voice is still more powerful than ever, emulating the words he sings. Engelbert Humperdinck does it justice with bravado. The lyrics are like the shell of a country song; they capture the essence. I imagine that if I force my grandmother to listen to this, his childish voice will transport her back in time.

Engelbert prevents the grass from growing under his feet. As a warm-up for his extensive touring activities in the USA throughout the fall, he is currently on a tour of Southeast Asia. He is catching up on lost time from the pandemic and is committed to giving fans every opportunity to see him live and in his environment. Music lovers old and new are rediscovering Engelbert’discography as he rides a new wave of success thanks to his songs appearing in Moon Knight (Disney+), Umbrella Academy (Netflix), and Brad Pitt’s Bullet Train. The song is off his upcoming EP, “All About Love.”

On all digital platforms, the brand-new mini album “All About Love” will be made available as a Limited Edition. The full-length album, for which more tracks are still being recorded, is scheduled to be released both physically and digitally in the first quarter of 2023. It will center on several classic love songs that Engelbert rediscovers on a walk down memory lane, all performed in his own style with a heavy dose of country flavor.

No amount of text can adequately capture the type of career this performer has had, as I already stated. Start by listening to Engelbert’s song “Release Me,” which spent 56 weeks at the top of the charts. Yes, it is a record period of time; then have a listen to his most recent track, “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart.” Don’t base your decisions on the stats or any false accolades you might imagine are written here. You would be foolish to let go of him.

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