Cansy releases her new electronic pop tune titled “Stay”

“STAY” is an emotionally upbeat and catchy melody written by Cansy during a difficult time. 

Cansy is a solo songwriter and producer from Korea. She began composing when she was 20 years old and is still working on it. Her desire to become a producer who can empathize with and inspire others is her primary influence. She has never been to an event or seen a performance. She would like to do an event or tour with her songs if given the chance because she is still in her early stages. Cansy’s own quote is “You can see me wherever you are.” She is embodied in this sentence. It is my intention to produce music that can be distributed to anyone, anywhere. You can find out more about her by noticing that the word “Can See” in the sentence is equivalent to her given name, “Cansy.”

Cansy has loved music, singing, dancing, songwriting, and other arts since she was 11 years old. She aspired to be a K-pop star and was preparing by joining an entertainment agency, but at the age of 19, she gave up because her musical identity was different. She desired to make music professionally as a result of the foregoing. The composition that began in this manner aided her in better understanding the meaning of music. She wishes to communicate with others through music, and this has become her life’s goal.


Cansy’s latest single, “STAY” was released on November 18, 2022. She composed and wrote the lyrics all by herself. She was inspired by the vocals of a professional vocalist. The mixing and mastering were done by Neil of Urban MusiQ Records. She composed the song with upbeat lyrics and a catchy melody, and it was the most difficult time for her when she was writing this song. So, she made it with a calm feeling, which was unlike her usual feeling.

The world is changing at a breakneck pace, or you are saying goodbye to a loved one and wishing the good times would never end. The meaning of the lyrics in this single, “STAY,” varies depending on the listener. Cansy considers this to be the song’s strongest point. She primarily wrote lyrics about her personal life. She was overcome with emotion after finishing the song and listening to it because the lyrics were written during a difficult time. Furthermore, the vocalist sang and listened with more emotion.


Stay” is an excellent way for me to end the day. The entire song moves you from one end to the other in such a clear and melodic progression that it lifts and relaxes your mood throughout. It starts softly, with a subtle and expressive vocal performance, before exploding into something so cathartic and gleamingly euphoric that you are flooded with memories of moments in your life that you adored and cherished. Musically, it follows a fairly straightforward passage of an electronic pop tune. The emotion carried by this song, the sheer melancholy mixed with nostalgia in the vocal performance, adds dimension to it. It’s an intense emotional journey that will have you exhausted but reminiscing about the good times like you’ve never done before.

You will definitely enjoy listening to this masterpiece; do it right away!

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