Music Entertainment Vallac, a fantastic DJ, music producer, and manager presents Etnies

Vallac, a fantastic DJ, music producer, and manager presents Etnies

ETNIES’ new single by music producer/DJ/manager VALLAC

The Origin of the Name “Vallac.” A fallen angel emerged from the wooded darkness many generations ago in a now-forgotten world, floating and fluttering, drifting and dreaming. His noble wings surged, backlit by a brilliant iridescent glow. It has the appearance of an eternal young man with angel wings riding a two-headed dragon. Since then, the mythical being has simply been referred to as Vallac.

Luigi Vallario, also known as Vallac, is a fantastic DJ, music producer, and host. Creating his own Vallac from the ground up while also working as a DJ and producer is no easy task. Vallac, on the other hand, has worked as a production manager for world tours with musicians such as Peter GabrielStingLady Gaga, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. He knows what it takes to make it in the entertainment industry. In 2017, he advanced from small tasks to assisting large productions and then to staging performances alongside Nek. When the pandemic struck us all in March 2020, he decided to create music with a clear vision and thoughtfulness to help communicate emotions directly related to one’s personal feelings.

Stefano Manzoni
Stefano Manzoni

On December 12, 2022, Vallac will release his new single, “Etnies.” This project is inspired by all cultures worldwide that have one thing in common: music. He wishes to convey only positive vibes through his music, similar to how peace and love reigned supreme in the 1970s. This song heralds the end of an era, including several songs released by Him between 2021 and 2022. The way the artist uses the rhythm in this song to give the impression of timelessness is interesting. Its endless cycles flow smoothly through the delicate vocal fringes to hypnotize us. We are thrust into a surreal eternity of brooding basslines, clapping beats, energizing hooks, and infrared visuals with a Sisyphean fate and melancholy mystique.

“Etnies” is Vallac’s ninth release of 2022 alone and follows in the footsteps of bangers like “Fake Love,” “Millennials,” and “Set Us Free.” The song is about artistic and musical creativity. You want to move around because of the atmosphere that the synths and drumbeats create. The smoky vocals progress with a flowing motion. They lead the song’s cresting waves to their destination despite their delicate ensemble. And as we traverse the mercurial contours of mystery, we are looped into these exalting rhythmic circuits.

This is a track that needs to make it onto every house DJ’s set list for sure—bursting with energy, this song will have the floor full of admirers. Make sure to listen to this fantastic single.

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