“It’s Christmas Party Time” 

Mick J. Clark is a singer-songwriter from CroydonEngland. He can sing everything from pop to soul, from R&B to rock ballads popular in the United Kingdom. The Global Warning song “We Know It’s True” by the FYC singer-songwriter, who is signed to the Sonorus Record Label, peaked at number three in the UK and number two in the USA in iTunes’ Top 100 Rock Songs in June 2020. His songs have had over 1,000,000 Spotify streams. Of the more than 60 songs he has created, 54 are now being played in stores by Emerge Media and on several radio stations.

Mick J. Clark’s three albums and three EPs, called “Notes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6,” are composed in genres like pop, rock, ballads, R&B, dance, Latin, and country. 

Last year, his summer song, “cc,” and his birthday song, “Blow Those Candles Out,” both got over 100,000 streams, and his Christmas EP got him over 400,000 streams on his three Christmas songs. Mick J. Clark’s empowering song for children against self-harm and bullying, titled “Me, My Body, And I,” and his anti-smoking and anti-drugs song, titled You Don’t Look Cool by Teenagers” (Kids Telling Kids Don’t Smoke), have both been put into all the schools in CroydonSurrey, by the Croydon Education Department.

In his 4-minute, 7-second single release, “Soldier Boy,” he keeps it light-hearted and contemporary with his country-driven and delicate singing, narrating about a soldier boy. This song, “Soldier Boy, is dedicated to the brave men and women who served in the first and second world wars. The lyrics of the song are compelling, and Mick J. Clark’s voice does an amazing job of conveying the raw emotion behind the words. 

The percussion has a marching band-like rhythm that carries the song and gives it a whole new dimension of depth. The song starts off slow and then builds to an anthemic chorus that will stay with you long after the song is over. 

“Soldier Boy” is a moving tribute to those who have served and a reminder of the sacrifices they have made. The catchy hook of this amazing track, “Soldier Boy,” is accompanied by a traditional drum beat, evoking the atmospheres of the past. With the backing of cellos and a new tune, the song picks up in the chorus. With a surprising whistling interlude, the melodies are embedded into the mind, leaving an inch of rhythm that keeps one moving even minutes after the song finishes. This really shows Mick J. Clark’s expertise, given that he’s written more than 60 songs over the years after learning to play guitar at a very young age, pursuing a career in music, and committing to craftsmanship, guitar, and singing. This is a very powerful and moving song that will touch the listener’s heart. 

It is clear that Clark has a lot of respect for these soldiers and their sacrifice. The song is well-written and performed, and the production is top-notch. His album “Causes” (which reached No. 4 on the Singer/Songwriter iTunes Chart in 2021) was nominated for the 64th Grammy Award. He has appeared on many radio stations, including BBC Surrey, and has written more than 60 songs. Currently, Emerge Media is playing 54 of his songs in stores, and he has an even more impressive catalog. 


Mick is also an author with his popular book “Message From A Star” (the star is in the sky), which has been adapted into a screenplay. His music has had over a million streams on Spotify while featuring on scores of playlists and music charts. The song features a steady rock beat and good use of church bells. The guitars and the bass do an excellent job of carrying the rhythm of the song forward. We get a retro feel that reminds us of the nostalgic times of joy, happiness, and celebration. His song drifts nonetheless, delivers and contains a few allegorical thoughts that set the circadian rhythm in motion. Spirited vocals by Mick J. Clark will get you grooving while the music will keep a smile on your face. 

“It’s Getting Near Christmas” by Mick J. Clark Capture the busy holiday rush as Christmas approaches. It’s a Christmas song about rushing around quicker and quicker as Christmas approaches. His 2012 release, “It’s Getting Near Christmas,” is just what you need for the festive season while you release and enjoy the lush harmonies. Most people know a Christmas song when they hear certain melodies, and I must say, this track puts you in a festive mood right from the start. Mick J. Clark’s raw vocals over a swinging drum rhythm sit delightfully in this feel-good song. His natural vocal tone makes his voice all the more intimate, and you’ll definitely feel like singing along! 

An energetic bass performance drives this almost four-minute-long track, “It’s Getting Near Christmas,” adding a nice weight to the drums and ultimately making it a very danceable track. With bells, guitars, and heart-warming vocals, you can’t go wrong. The melody tips its hat to the greats, twists on their jive, but comes out into the snow, original and smiling. It’s upbeat, sweet, and easy listening—especially at this time of year. I really liked the soothing harmonies that support the vocal melody; it actually does feel like a few people are singing along. Just imagine a family Christmas party with everyone getting in the groove with their Santa hats on—a perfect holiday song! You can never go wrong listening to Mick J. Clark’s It’s Getting Near Christmas” during the festive season.

Production by Nelson King is exceedingly well done, balancing the energy and technical aspects. A magnificent pace surges onto verses segment from the entrance, from the valley’s outlet. The climax features a brief flash of musical adrenaline that counteracts the masterful lyricism and is unquestionably everything to revel in. Now is the season to pull up this fun number as Christmas draws near! Conclusively, his song “It’s Getting Near Christmas” includes a quick burst of musical energy that contrasts with superb poetry and is undeniably enjoyable. This track sounds fresh in its spirit from the Mick J. Clark Christmas EP, “Mick’s Christmas Mix.” As Christmas approaches, it’s time to celebrate and make merry with this delightful song! 

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