Based on a real story, Higgs Field’s “Us Forever” is a love song from the viewpoint of a serial killer seeking connection in a deranged manner. With strong guitar notes and a dynamic rhythm and bassline, the song exemplifies the band’s intense and charismatic approach to alt-rock and metal music.

Higgs Field is a Mount Gambier-based alt-rock and metal band. Bradley FrostKyle Gleed, Liam Brown, and Dee Leggett make up the band. Their music is addictive because of their intensity and charisma; they take a hefty approach in terms of instruments and execution, which can easily penetrate the core of any rock lover.

Higgs Field’s latest single, “Us Forever,” was released on February 24, 2023, and is highly recommended for fans of 90s grunge and rock. “Us Forever” lays fire to everything we know about love songs, from love at first sight to cannibalism. A love song, but from the perspective of a serial killer! Based on a true story. “Us Forever” begins as a romance novel but gradually transforms into a Stephan King epic, delving deep into the psyche of a serial killer seeking connection in the most deranged way possible. 

Emily Cook, LCCN, Deb Kloeden.
Emily Cook, LCCN, Deb Kloeden.

“Us Forever” begins slowly with calm chords before ramping up the intensity with the singing. The guitar chords are crazy, especially in the solo section, which lights the setting on fire and fills one tank to overflowing. The forceful ambient tone is conveyed by the dynamic percussion and tight bassline, which match the guitar playing and the solid, surly vocal line. The energetic melody and rhythm would set the tone for a Jane Austen novel, but as the song proceeds, the hard-core grooves reveal that it sounds more like Stephen King’s terrifying one.

The title and first line of the record may trick people into believing it’s a love song, but the killer sound hints that the actual theme is about a murderer. Cunning, right? The premise of the quartet’s hit was a true story, which they spiced up with their smashing musicality and loud vocal delivery. They understand how to use each aspect to create an ambiance that is both loving and creepy.

This tune screams pure quality from every angle, and I have reason to assume that this is a band we will be hearing a lot more from based on the writing, the execution, the apparent musicianship of every member of the band, and the excellent production.

“Us Forever” is the band’s first release in 2023, which is shaping up to be another successful year for the alternative rockers.

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