Hangtime releases His New Electronic Pop Album “BLOODSKY”

“BLOODSKY” by Hangtime is an Album that explores various themes and sonic environments

American musician Hangtime, who is based in Socorro has successfully mixed genres to produce a variety of sounds and for its distinctive sound and method of composition, Hangtime is gradually garnering recognition in the music world. Hangtime‘s music has been compared to some of the biggest names in the music industry and has been described as a blend of dark wave, industrial, and electronic music.

Although Hangtime‘s music is still relatively unknown, listeners of experimental and avant-garde music are progressively beginning to take an interest in it. Hangtime has also received accolades for his original method of composing and his aptitude for evoking a sense of atmosphere and space in his music. Hangtime is gradually establishing himself as one of the most fascinating and distinctive music personalities in the current music scene as his popularity grows.

Your spine will surely tingle as you listen to Hangtime‘s latest album “BLOODSKY” which was released on October 31st, 2022. It’s an atmospheric and sinister album. The excellent “BLOODSKY” is a new experimental album, and its overall tone is ominous and scary, the production is excellent, and the songs are memorable and thought-provoking. It is definitely one of the best albums I’ve listened to this month, without a doubt. 

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There are 12 songs on the album, which include: 

1. Insert Coin

2. Someone Else 

3. Planet party

4. CO$tUS 

5. The Wolf

6. Peter

7. My story

8. bloodsky interlude

9. Unholye 

10. Bird Box 

11. Börek

12. Milky Ways

Each of which explores various themes and sonic environments. The second song, “Someone Else,” which is the dark, gritty interpretation of futuristic music, is amazing and it sounded fascinating. Hangtime’s perspective on electronic music is fervent and enigmatic as a creative team. It is an industrial beat and it’s introduced after the opening track, “Insert Coin,” which has a very textured and menacing soundscape. 

With a strong industrial touch, the third song, “Planet Party,” has Twisted hip-hop and gothic electro-pop which comes to create an unusual and perhaps startlingly commercially successful track. It also pays homage to musicians like Nine Inch Nails or Dead Rituals. However, the album offers a considerably darker edge and some unconventional sound design concepts to mix things up! The song “The Wolf” delves into ambient tones, which makes the artist’s work more immersive and cinematic standout, they’re a huge, almost animalistic noise emanating from the synthesizer in “The Wolf’s” music, which is quite visceral. Even deeper bass and an intriguing peaceful touch from the singer are present in the song. As intriguing as it may seem, the album thus far has been a fantastic combination of energetic electronica. The restless “Peter” intercuts spoken word excerpts from antiquated versions of psychoactive drugs, and the lyrics are spiced with arrogant grunts. The song “My Story,” which delivers a distinct flavor of synth-wave and dark-wave vibes from the artist is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing. 

The song “Unholye,” begins with relatable moments of melancholy and energizing adrenaline bursts fit for a workout before fading out in minimal techno. It felt pretty ethereal to end the record with “Milky Ways.” We arrived in a calm setting with atmospheric keyboard pieces after leaving all the energizing beats behind. It was also a great tribute to styles like lofi and shoegaze.

The synths throughout the entire album are a brilliant combination of modern appeal and 80s-style sounds. Each song on Hangtime‘s album gives off a feeling of tech noir with a touch of the suspense of a cyberpunk film.

Hangtime‘s incredibly expressive sound is one of the most astounding aspects of his music. The production is extremely excellent, and every component is carefully timed and placed in order to maximize musical impact and give the audience a unique listening experience. “BLOODSKY” is a fantastic introduction to Hangtime’s work, particularly in the way the sound truly pushes the envelope when fusing concepts and sounds to create something that may be regarded as original and distinctive. The album’s release not only showcases Hangtime’s originality but also provides a glimpse into his personality by using music to tell a story and persuade listeners to keep an eye out for this promising up-and-coming artist.

If you enjoy music with honesty, heart, and vitality, Hangtime‘s music is sure to be your cup of tea. You’ll discover them here if these are the qualities you want in an artist.

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