“Happiness Doesn’t Always Last” an original pop EP by Eddz is an EP that delves into the everyday struggles and experiences we face in our daily lives.

Liam Taylor a composer and musician from Northampton, goes under the stage name EDDZEddz has been performing live using a boom box and a microphone in Northampton, Bedford, Milton Keynes, and London. He is a passionate musician who has worked hard and backed artists like Hard-Fi, Dave Rowntree, and Hamish Hawk.

On December 16, 2022, Eddz released the wonderful four-track EP “Happiness Doesn’t Always Last“, you will be reaching for the repeat button while listening to this alternative-pop release. The listener is greeted by a lively and captivating introduction and Eddz‘s endearing voice immediately seizes the listeners’ attention as they begin to play, also his voice is warm and captivating. 

Official Snap Studio Green Bay, Wisconsin

The EP’s opening track, “What We Wish to See,” touches on the demands of perfection. People aim for perfection in daily life, but this isn’t always feasible. People worry that they are disappointing their friends and loved ones if they aren’t ideal. They might continue to be troubled by these errors, and we must remember that no one is perfect in life. Eddz adopted a more political stance with the closing track of the EP, “Ignorance.” It discusses the wrongdoings committed by the British government and how the general populace feels about it. In the long run, it would be preferable for them to remain silent.

When the song “Ignorance” begins, you know you’re listening to something serious and a little bit ominous. From the very first listen, the intro’s lovely, straightforward melody and bottom line struck me as mournful and dismal. The deep and, in some ways, the logical vocal melody of the chorus made me want to sing along because it seemed as though Eddz was speaking directly to my mind.

The music has a smooth flow with vocals and lyrics that’ll keep you captivated throughout the song, and you’ll definitely play it again. I believe Eddz succeeded in making a serious statement by combining lovely melodies, vocal harmonies, and a variety of well-layered and organized instruments.

The second track on the EP, the driving single “Wandering,” also has gorgeous synths and a solemn rhythm section. Long after the music has stopped, the listener is still thinking about the sung melodies. Furthermore, the third song on the EP, “A Life Well Spent,” changes the EP’s tone. It has interesting and relatable lyrics. This song deserves to be heard because it is sincere and emotional.

Adam Gammage and Gregg Coulson recorded and mixed all of the tracks at Foundry Street Studio. Dave Crawford at Plastic Tree Studios mastered the track and Together, the team has created a stunning EP that firmly establishes Eddz as an artist on the rise heading into 2023. The EP delves into the everyday struggles and experiences we face in our daily lives.

Eddz is a phenomenally talented artist who is making a name for himself. I admire his creative approach and charismatic delivery, which reaches out and grabs the listener’s attention. Make “Happiness Doesn’t Always Last” a part of your new music playlist!

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