“Another Day Another Dollar” by Carsten Schnell is an Instrumental track that offers the upbeat idea that “Another day, Another Light, and Another Opportunity for Extraordinary Matters 

The critics were taken aback by the unusual sound sculptures on the debut album “Adjust” by the classically trained composer Carsten Schnell in 1992. He is now regarded as one of the founding members of BSC Music and a forerunner of contemporary electronic music in the early 1990s. He was compared to Jean-Michel Jarre and Vangelis and had his own style from the beginning. Carsten Schnell broadened his approach on the albums “Acoustic Delusion” and “U!” by moving beyond the boundaries of the electronic subgenre.

Carsten Schnell finally fused his symphonic roots with contemporary electronic music with “Moments In The Past.” Following his musical retirement, he only wrote a few small-scale commissions for theater and entertainment, but he had been closely associated with the blues since its inception. The notion of fusing electronic beats with blues themes has surfaced over time. In order to do this, he returned in 2021 with the single “Why do you lie to me?” in which he fuses electronic music with the “Slow Blues” vibe popularized by BB King or Gary BB Coleman. His song “Dream Break” combines Blues licks and vocals with elements of trance and pop. The Kraftwerk and Jean-Michel Jarre electronic music is referenced in the song “One Two Three“.

With its seasoned songwriting, passionate performance, and understated production, Carsten Schnell‘s most recent single “Another Day Another Dollar,” which was released on December 14, 2022, is a blues ecstasy that avoids complexity and provides an ethereal sense. This song creates a captivating impression similar to how an ocean does with just its waves coming and going thanks to its delicate guitar chords, smooth synth, and tender percussion. Observe the skilfully executed 3-minute fresh breeze with your eyes closed.

Contrary to its name, “Another Day, Another Dollar” offers the upbeat idea that “Another day, Another Light, and Another Opportunity for Extraordinary Matters.” It moves gently and exhales deeply, evoking the feeling of a regular routine day while also sounding like the best part of unremarkable days. Carsten Schnell doesn’t exaggerate; instead, he moves with a calm maturity and graceful rhythms that carry rivers of emotion to soothe and delight your soul.

While “Another Day Another Dollar” certainly has contemporary electricity of its own in the nostalgic arrangement, Carsten Schnell‘s music does have contemporary electricity of its own sparked by the modern electropop sound. The groovy vibes of this song make you forget about your daily struggles and put a smile on your face. It is laid back, chill, and soul-soaring.

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