Introducing MatAre, the brainchild of Matt Rousseau, a versatile artist based in Atlanta. Rousseau, who brings a nomadic essence to his music by incorporating a variety of influences, roams the nation with a portable studio, finding creative inspiration in different locations. Rousseau’s craft benefits from his strong foundation in rock climbing, skimboarding, weightlifting, and dedication to holistic health.

Perfect Constant” by MatAre is a deep musical journey that goes beyond the limits of traditional rock and shoegaze, providing a diverse range of feelings and sound patterns for listeners to delve into. Released n April 26th, 2024, this song is a meaningful contemplation on the temporary quality of life and the importance of savoring each brief moment. Produced at Promenade Studios in Jacksonville, Florida, “Perfect Constant” showcases the teamwork of MatAre and co-producer Igor A., creating a carefully crafted piece that reflects genuine emotion and complexity. Mick Morrison’s skilled blending and perfecting enhance the track, bringing in additional levels of subtlety and sonic depth that improve the overall listening experience.


The adventure of “Perfect Constant” commences with a wonderfully crafted tune that instantly grabs the audience’s focus, laying the foundation for an extraordinary musical journey. Rousseau’s soothing vocals bring a feeling of peace and reflection to the song as the soft beat plays on. Through his lyrics, he urges listeners to ponder the deep mysteries of life and the importance of embracing the present. The subtle interaction between the melody and vocals evokes a feeling of closeness and fragility, pulling the listener further into the emotional world of the song.

By the 42-seconds point, “Perfect Constant” transforms into a lively and dynamic composition, pulsing with energy and vitality. The music’s intensity grows stronger, propelling the song with an unstoppable force that carries the audience along. However, even with the intense excitement, Rousseau’s singing continues to be genuine and vulnerable, acting as a beacon through the loud chaos. His vocalization fluctuates with a powerful display of raw emotion, mirroring the fleeting rhythms of life.

As the song progresses, the close connection between the vocals and instruments becomes more evident, leading to a captivating and emotionally powerful feeling of unity and harmony. Every part of the piece collaborates seamlessly, blending to create a complex and engaging tapestry of sound. At the heart of “Perfect Constant” is a touching exploration of the briefness of life, considering how someone would choose to spend their last day. The song resonates on a personal level, highlighting the importance of appreciating loved ones and practicing gratitude.

Rousseau’s vocal performance in “Perfect Constant” is notable for its versatility and expressiveness. He easily moves between moments of silent reflection and intense passion, covering a wide range of emotions with his voice. Rousseau’s singing, whether gentle or strong, carries a genuine and profound quality that deeply connects with listeners. His singing acts as the emotional center of the track, keeping it rooted in a deep connection to human life.


In the same way, the musical instruments in “Perfect Constant” experience a changing evolution, smoothly transitioning between calm and powerful moments. From the soothing, mesmerizing tunes at the beginning to the powerful, throbbing beats at the peak, every musical aspect works to amplify the emotional effect of the piece, pulling audience members further into its enchantment. The coordination among guitar, drums, and bass is skillfully carried out, crafting a complex sound environment that is engaging and suggestive.

Perfect Constant” is not only a track; it serves as proof of the importance of putting love first and embracing the present. Rousseau’s artistic skill is evident in each meticulously composed note, encouraging the audience to stop, contemplate, and appreciate the beauty of the moment. Featuring haunting melodies, emotive vocals, and dynamic instrumentation, “Perfect Constant” showcases MatAre’s artistry and vision, making a lasting impact on all who listen to it. Make sure you don’t overlook the chance to discover this enchanting work of art and let it make a lasting impact on your spirit. Go check out “Perfect Constant” now and experience the magic for yourself.

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