“Matt Warren, a versatile musician hailing from Cheshire, England, captivates listeners with his one-man band act. His latest single, “It All Made Sense”, offers a thought-provoking exploration of the impact of idle time, recorded with deliberate minimalism, deep lyrics, and soothing vocals, foreshadowing the emotional depth of his upcoming album and establishing him as an artist to watch”.

Hailing from a quaint town in Cheshire, England, Matt Warren is a versatile musician known for his one-man band act. He handles everything in his music, showcasing his multi-instrumental talents and songwriting prowess.

Matt’s musical journey took an intriguing turn during the lockdown period when he began performing solo. His dedication and creativity culminated in the upcoming release of his third album, ‘Excited to Die’, scheduled to drop on November 1, 2023. Among the tracks from this album, ‘It All Made Sense’ stands out as the second single, offering a taste of Matt’s distinctive style.

Drawing inspiration from iconic acts like The Beatles, Fountains of Wayne, Kurt Vile, and Aimee Mann, Matt Warren infuses a unique blend of influences into his music, creating a sound that’s both familiar and refreshingly original. While Matt may not have graced notable stages or festivals yet, his sights are set on taking his music live once the album is out in the world, promising an exciting future for his fans.

Critics have been quick to praise Matt’s work, describing it as “insightful and melodic,” according to Obscure Sounds. His vocal prowess has drawn comparisons to esteemed artists like Benjamin Ian Kowalewicz of Billy Talent and Tobias Forge of Ghost, a testament to his exceptional singing ability. Illustrate Magazine further commends Matt’s vocal delivery, highlighting how he skillfully accentuates his lyrics to draw listeners into his captivating narratives.

With his third album on the horizon and a growing fanbase, Matt Warren is undoubtedly an artist to watch, poised to make a significant impact on the music scene with his unique talents and heartfelt compositions.

It All Made Sense” by Matt Warren is an intriguing and thought-provoking single that offers a glimpse into the larger concept of his forthcoming album, ‘Excited to Die’. Released on September 20th, 2023, this original single delves into the idea that having too much time on one’s hands can have both positive and negative effects. It questions the necessity of having time to think and find oneself, exploring how this can lead some people to dark places.

Recorded and produced entirely within Matt’s home studio in a remarkably swift three-week period, the song’s production reflects a deliberate minimalism. Featuring two guitars, a kick drum, tambourine, and vocals, the track exudes an organic and simple quality. Matt aimed to convey a meditational atmosphere, drawing inspiration from Kurt Vile’s ability to take simple motifs and either build them into expansive soundscapes or leave them in their raw simplicity.

Lyrically, “It All Made Sense” carries a specific meaning deeply connected to the overarching concept of the album ‘Excited to Die’. However, Matt intentionally crafted the lyrics to be open to interpretation, allowing listeners to find their own understanding of the song. The poignant line “It all seemed crystal clear, I swear. Now I’m not sure I care anymore” captures the essence of introspection and uncertainty.

The soothing and calm vocals throughout the song masterfully convey the emotions embedded in the lyrics, creating an emotionally resonant experience for the listener. Matt’s ability to blend minimalist instrumentation with profound lyrics and expressive vocals results in a track that invites introspection and exploration.

For those seeking a song that encourages deep reflection and emotional connection, “It All Made Sense” by Matt Warren is a must-listen. It serves as a tantalizing preview of the artistic depth and complexity to come in his forthcoming album, ‘Excited to Die.’

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