Sahara Cyberstars, the talented duo made up of Dave Long and Trish Long, are esteemed musician and lyricist who first met in the lively music scene of Dublin before relocating to Australia. They have received praise and acknowledgment for their distinctive sound and captivating performances, appearing on prominent TV networks, live radio broadcasts, and taking part in many festivals and concert stages. Sahara Cyberstars, renowned for their diverse music style, have put out a total of six albums and seven singles, all highlighting their uniqueness and complexity. Their most recent release, the song “Modern Life,” upholds this custom by merging meaningful lyrics with engaging tunes.


The famous pair Sahara Cyberstars dropped their thought-provoking track “Modern Life” on May 16, 2024. This song delves deeply into the quickly changing societal interactions that have greatly impacted the structure of daily life. Renowned for their diverse style and unique creations, Sahara Cyberstars have once again showcased their talent for intertwining powerful lyrics with engaging music arrangements. “Modern Life” showcases their ongoing significance and artistic development, guiding audiences through the struggles of present-day living.

The music starts with a consistent instrumental opening that quickly establishes a reflective mood. This steady, unchanging stream acts as a symbol for the relentless speed of contemporary life, producing an engaging sound experience that captivates the listener. At 8 seconds into the song, the male vocals start with a soothing yet urgent tone, capturing the essence of the song perfectly. The sincere vocals effectively convey the deep challenges and frustrations experienced by people in today’s hectic society. The first vocal entry is an important moment because it sets the emotional tone for the entire song.

In terms of lyrics, “Modern Life” explores the various difficulties caused by the constant pace at which society functions. The song eloquently contrasts the simplicity of the past with the complexity of the present, raising doubts about whether the faster pace of modern life has actually enhanced our quality of life. The lyrics vividly depict how the idea of progress can sometimes hide underlying societal problems. Lines such as, “sometimes I want to go and lose myself in the past, I want to go slow, yesteryear was not so fast”. bring about feelings of nostalgia and a desire for a simpler time. This exploration of themes is relevant for both present and past times, connecting with individuals who have been burdened by the pressures of modern life.

A standout feature of “Modern Life” is its reflection on the housing crisis. The song emphasizes the sharp difference in living conditions between the past, where tents and caravans were seen as holiday getaways, and the present, where they signify the harsh reality for those facing challenges in finding affordable housing. The lyrics poignantly portray the shift, showing how those with full-time jobs are now residing in tents, vehicles, or trailers because of the high cost of housing. The song confronts these difficult realities head-on, encouraging listeners to contemplate the systemic issues that are fueling this crisis rather than avoiding them.

The singing in “Modern Life” is especially notable. The male lead singer’s voice is both strong and moving, giving a sense of stability to the song. He expresses a strong compassion for those facing challenges in modern life through his voice, giving the lyrics a sense of authenticity and connection that resonates with listeners. Including additional backing vocals at strategic points in the song enhances the overall presentation, resulting in a multi-dimensional and engaging listening experience. These melodies contribute to the complexity of the song, intensifying its emotional resonance and capturing the listener’s attention.

Sahara Cyberstars

From a musical perspective, “Modern Life” adeptly construct and develop a coherent sonic atmosphere. The initial straightforwardness enables the listener to concentrate on the impactful lyrics and emotional vocal performance. As the song advances, additional layers of instruments are slowly incorporated, enhancing the complexity and depth of the music. This meticulous stacking reflects the increasing demands of contemporary society, with each additional task and anticipation building on top of the previous one, resulting in a complex and sometimes daunting situation.

A crucial point in the song happens when an alto saxophone is introduced at the 2:05-minutes mark. This new inclusion injects the song with a lively vitality, representing a source of hope and strength in the face of the challenges mentioned in the lyrics. The sax’s melodic sounds complement the current beat and vocal harmonies, resulting in a harmonious and lively sonic environment. This musical embellishment not only elevates the quality of the song but also emphasizes its themes of resilience and the quest for happiness and positivity in today’s hectic world.

Overall, “Modern Life” by Sahara Cyberstars is a powerful song that effectively conveys the challenges of present-day life with its moving lyrics and expertly crafted music. This song serves as a strong observation of the fast speed of contemporary society and the fundamental problems that exist beneath our everyday lives. Every part of the song, from the consistent instrumental beginning to the lively alto saxophone introduction and emotional singing, is carefully designed to express urgency and reflection. “Modern Life” showcases Sahara Cyberstars’ talent in crafting music that is both entertaining and deeply impactful. “Modern Life” is a must-listen due to its ability to effectively conveys the challenges of current times with its moving story and gripping music.

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