There are some musicians that are so tremendously diverse and adaptable that it’s quite astounding to see the span of their imagination and capacity to explore various concepts. Jade Ashtangini, who is much more than just an ordinary musician, is a prime example of this.

As a musician, yogini, pianist, composer, cellist, singer of yoga mantras and kirtans, yoga instructor, photographer, and other talents, she truly possesses a wide range of skills. Despite the fact that Jade is quite busy with a variety of creative projects, the main goal of them all is to use music and art to help people connect more deeply spiritually.

"Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto" by Jade Ashtangini
“Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto” by Jade Ashtangini

Jade, who resides in Dallas, Texas, enjoys music a great deal and is always eager to learn new things. Her music is incredibly calming and elegant, with some even having quite energetic rhythms because she has been formally trained since she was a young child. Her real name is Chen I Hua and her hometown is Taichung City, Taiwan.

She primarily performs modern classical, contemporary, minimalist, new age, classical crossover, ambient, yoga meditation, and mantra/kirtan music, and occasionally she sings her own songs.

Her singles “Mother Earth is Calling,” “Life As It Is,” “Long Time Sun (Instrumental),” and “猫のぬくもり” were included on editorial stations like Relaxing, New Age Instrumental, and AMP: Fresh Cuts by Pandora Music. Even better is the fact that “A Rainy Day in Temple,” her most recent track, is also included on the “cottagecore piano” Spotify editorial playlist.

Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto!” is one of Jade’s most recent compositions. a felt piano, It’s a solo piano song with mellow, comforting, and joyful vibes. Imagine cherry blossoms falling from the sky—it sounds incredibly romantic and lovely, doesn’t it? As you listen to this music, keep that feeling in your mind. This amazing track was released on November 18, 2022. You will have the most delightful and relaxing time as a result. Enjoy!

The greatest spiritual sustenance in life, in the opinion of Jade Ashtangini, comes from music, and she loves to live her life surrounded by lovely music. Her special soul has the ability to uplift people’s spirits and bring tranquility. Her music is frequently shared across a number of Spotify playlists and is also frequently presented, shared, and played by music journalists, blogs, podcasts, labels, stations, publishers, etc.

"Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto" by Jade Ashtangini
“Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto” by Jade Ashtangini

She enjoys creating spiritual yoga music with the peaceful sounds of the cello, piano, and keyboard for people to practice yoga, meditate, or just unwind to. Don’t forget to listen to her seductive music while doing so.

For more information about the multi-talented Jade Ashtangini and her new release, “Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto“: visit her links below






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