Outerloop, formed in 2019, is a dynamic post-punk rock band hailing from Washington, D.C. Led by the commanding vocals of Taisha Estrada and the talents of guitarist Don Potter, the band has swiftly made its mark through their energetic live shows and distinctive songwriting style. With regional tours, an EP, and an LP under their belt, Outerloop’s musical prowess earned them the 2023 Wammie for ‘best hard rock/punk song’ with their track “Just Behave.” Now, with their latest release, “Huracán”, the band introduces their newest members, Erik Sleight on bass and Marty Reisemberg on drums, marking a significant milestone in their evolving sound and thematic depth.


Huracán”, released on November 10th, 2023, emerges as a powerful anthem by Outerloop, exploring the harrowing issue of displacement prevalent across Puerto Rico. The song delves deep into the plight of individuals given a mere 30-day notice to vacate their homes, owned or rented, to make way for coastal development, echoing the haunting neglect of government entities that render communities desolate.

The track opens with an electrifying instrumental arrangement pulsating with raw energy and vibrancy, immediately drawing listeners into its tumultuous narrative. This introduction sets the stage for an impassioned vocal delivery, commencing with a Spanish-speaking vocal and leading into the dual voices that embody contrasting perspectives.

The English-speaking voice, devoid of empathy, embodies the oppressor’s indifference, drawing parallels to the historical exploitation faced by those forced into sugarcane harvesting. The callousness is palpable in lines like “No, I don’t feel your pain; you have 30 days; your arms are nothing more than sugarcane; you have 30 days”. This portrayal evokes a stark sense of the oppressor’s disregard for the human cost of their actions.

In contrast, the Spanish-speaking voice begins as a subdued plea, gradually escalating into a fervent outcry for justice, demanding fairness. The mesmerizing vocal performance in Spanish amplifies the urgency and intensity, epitomizing the resilience of the affected communities as they continue to fight for their rights.


Musically, the song is a powerhouse. The vocals, delivered with intense emotion and conviction in both English and Spanish, showcase the band’s ability to convey raw, heartfelt emotions. The instrumentals, from start to finish, maintain a pulsating intensity that complements the emotional weight of the vocals. The seamless fusion of these elements creates an immersive experience, allowing the listener to feel the urgency and passion behind every lyric and chord.

Recorded and mixed at Kreeger Studio by Erik Grimm and mastered by Jamal Ruhe of Listen Up Mastering, the song’s production quality is nothing short of commendable. The seamless fusion of intensity and smoothness in its production delivers an immersive experience that resonates with the song’s profound message. “Huracán” is a masterful creation that transcends conventional boundaries, showcasing Outerloop’s prowess in delivering an intense and engaging musical narrative.

This evocative masterpiece, “Huracán,” is a profound musical journey that beckons listeners to immerse themselves in its intensity and vibrancy. To truly grasp the depth and power encapsulated within this song, I urge you to experience it firsthand. Take a moment to delve into the impassioned vocals, captivating instrumentals, and profound thematic narrative crafted by Outerloop. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this masterful creation; go check out “Huracán” and let its resonance captivate you.

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