Polyvoda Unveils Their EP ‘Queens’: An Enigmatic Euphony That Redefines Musical Boundaries


Polyvoda emerges as a fascinating force in the European indie music scene, hailing from the vibrant metropolis of Kyiv, Ukraine. Comprising three proficient musicians and an anonymous female vocalist, this enigmatic venture has rapidly garnered interest with its unique mixture of Western influences. Drawing inspiration from British jazz, American hip-hop, and R&B sounds, Polyvoda’s track transcends borders, providing listeners a mesmerizing sonic journey. The band’s name itself, derived from a mystical sort of water, reflects their elusive and irreplicable nature, mirroring the enigmatic properties of their sound.


Released on March 1st, 2024, Polyvoda’s debut EP, “Queens,” marks a significant milestone inside the band’s journey, showcasing their specific blend of musical influences and progressive sound. Polyvoda’s collective creativity and artistry shine brightly during this captivating release. Drawing inspiration from a numerous array of genres, which include jazz, rap, neo-soul, and funk, “Queens” gives listeners a enthralling sonic journey that defies categorization.

As the EP unfolds, listeners are treated to a rich tapestry of musical variety, with every song imparting a sparkling attitude on Polyvoda’s particular style. Every music on “Queens” invites listeners to discover new sonic landscapes and delve into the depths of the human experience. The anonymous vocalist’s captivating voice provides an otherworldly satisfactory to the tune, drawing listeners into Polyvoda’s fascinating world and leaving an enduring influence. One of the most compelling factors of “Queens” is its creative expression.

Queens EP Track List:

the outlet tune of Polyvoda’s EP, serves as a powerful tribute to the energy and resilience of women. From its inception, the music captivates listeners with its balanced mixture of delicate melodies and driving rhythms. The track unfolds like a adventure through the inner sanctum of a hedonistic woman’s domestic, each room packed with enigmatic objects that evoke a experience of aesthetic satisfaction and intrigue. As the song begins with a mild piano melody, listeners are drawn into its mesmerizing world, where the delicate but sensual nature of the woman soul is vividly portrayed. The addition of a subtle bass guitar weaving in the background adds intensity to the composition, developing a wealthy sonic tapestry that envelops the listener.
As the vocals input, followed by a propelling beat, the song’s message of girl empowerment turns into unmistakably clear. With lyrics like “We’re the queens, powerful beings” and “we carry the load of the world on our shoulders,” Polyvoda paints a vivid picture of the power and resilience of women. The combination of ordinary singing and rap-fashion delivery, albeit in a slower manner, provides further intensity to the track, highlighting the multifaceted nature of femininity. In the long run, “Queens” stands as a testament to the band’s musical prowess and their capacity to bring powerful messages through captivating vocal transport and catchy instrumentation.


another other standout track from Polyvoda’s EP “Queens,” wastes no time in making its presence acknowledged. From the instant the track begins, listeners are greeted with a fascinating beat that at once attracts them into its infectious rhythm. With its seamless mixture of rap, neo-soul, and funk elements, “Bonfire” exudes an undeniable energy that Keeps listeners engaged from begin to finish. As the vocal emerges at the 0:23seconds mark, the beat continues to unfold with relentless momentum, serving as a dynamic backdrop to the charming vocal delivery. The tune’s catchy upbeat instrumentals and rhythmic flow adds to its infectious attraction, making it not possible to resist, and moving along with the groove.
At the 2:07-minute mark, “Bonfire” undergoes a transition, introducing a minimalistic instrumental rhythm accompanied through a repetitive vocal line. This shift in the composition adds depth and texture to the music, highlighting Polyvoda’s versatility as musicians. With its catchy rap verse and captivating instrumentation, “Bonfire” stands as a testament to the band’s potential to create compelling and immersive musical experiences.

Through evocative lyrics and effective melodies, Polyvoda showcases their expertise with raw honesty and vulnerability. Every song has a profoundly personal yet broadly relatable vibe to it, allowing listeners to engage with it on a deep level. The EP has excellent production quality, with each track carefully composed to provide a seamless and engrossing listening experience. Throughout the EP, Denys, Mykhailo Birchenko on drums, and Kyrylo Chykhradze on keyboards demonstrate their excellent musicianship by deftly fusing complex rhythms and melodic embellishments.


In summary, “Queens” is a masterful debut from Polyvoda, showcasing the band’s boundless creativity and undeniable expertise. With its seamless fusion of genres, emotional depth, and impeccable production, this EP is certain to leave an enduring effect on listeners and solidify Polyvoda’s vicinity inside the indie music scene. Whether or not you’re a fan to jazz, rap, or soul, “Queens” offers something for all of us, making it a must-listen for music lovers everywhere.

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