Robbin and the Hoods presents their debut – Be a little kind

Be a little kind – Robbin and the Hoods

Robbin & the Hoods are composed of Robbin Cooke and David Levene as well as a few carefully chosen session musicians. Robbins’ excellent singing and insightful lyrics, along with David Levene’s infectious melodies and chord progressions, make Robin and the Hoods a successful duo. English vocalist Robbin Cooke makes superb melodic commercial rock songs, and his voice has been likened to Klauss Meine of the Scorpions.

This is a sound bite from Robbin and The Hoods’ upcoming song “Be a Little Kind,” which will be released on December 2nd. It’s a song about hope and asking people all over the world to try to “be a little kind.” The song is actually a reaction to all of the negativity that people are experiencing nowadays. It’s an extremely catchy song that isn’t corny, hippie, or bubblegum.

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