Rye Catchers releases her new indie-pop single titled “Sometimes”

Rye Catchers’ new single “Sometimes” is about the internal struggles we face at different points in our lives, the battle between what the mind says and what the soul truly desires.

David McClintick Roberts, a producer and songwriter from Wisconsin is accompanied by guest performers from around the world. Despite his versatility, self-described nonconformist Roberts feels most at home in the electro-pop genre. “Rye Catchers” is his stage name as a producer and songwriter. Rye Catchers’ music is exciting, with crisp chords and lighthearted lyrics.

The legend surrounding Robert‘s stage name was an allusion to J.DSalinger‘s renowned book, “Catcher in the Rye.” Robert made that decision because J.D. Salinger was a one-hit literary wonder, and he aspires to have the same kind of singular achievement that is all that is required to be remembered. Robert began as a drummer in a high school band, but after discovering that composing music was his true passion, he purchased a keyboard, which became his go-to piece of equipment. He considers electropop to be his main style because his music is pop-based with a lot of synths in the background, but he also creates rock, electronic dance music, and lo-fi music.


Rye Catchers draws inspiration from a wide range of great musicians both past and present because all artists build on the work of the past and are influenced by the works of others. The goal is to use those influences as a springboard to create original music with a distinct sound all its own. He has never been without a source of inspiration. While a remark or a particular feeling may serve as inspiration for a song on occasion, dedication and hard work are more often the driving forces behind successful songwriting.

We all go through internal struggles at different points in our lives. The conflict is usually between what the mind says and what the soul desires. Rye Catchers’ most recent single, “Sometimes,” which was released on November 17th, 2022, depicts the same situation through a beautiful and calming track.


Sometimes,” Produced by Rye Catcher himself, is an engaging and upbeat electropop song. Another talented Spanish singer, Nekane, contributes soulful and heartfelt vocals to the track. The song employs both digital and analog instruments to create an enthralling and upbeat sound with a hint of tension. The song has some of the most pleasing synth backings, as well as a simple but lovely chord progression. The song begins with some steady drumming, followed by some amazing synth pad chordal backings, and ends with the bass kicking in, laying the foundation for the track. Because of the guitar’s clever placement in the song, it sounds minimalistic yet catchy.

Nekane‘s voice is one element of Rye Catchers‘ song “Sometimes” that will hook you from the first line. Her voice fits the description of being musical, sweet, and powerful. You can really feel the lyrics’ passion because of the song’s superb composition and Nekane‘s faultless vocal performance! You don’t even have to worry about getting the counts wrong while bopping your head to this tune because the music is so simple but captivating. The ethereal arpeggiated synth tones that appear during the bridge part just before the second chorus will deeply move and awe you. The verse melody is delivered through lyrics that, in the end, summarize the overall theme of the song.

Rye Catchers‘ song “Sometimes” is stunning to listen to and emotionally comforting. Do not skip it!

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