Satellite Train releases their new classic-rock single “Lies”

“Lies” by Satellite Train

“Lies” by Satellite Train is a thought-provoking song that delves into the complexities of relationships and the impact of deceit and dishonesty within them. The song encourages listeners to consider the authenticity of their own relationships and the sacrifices they may make to preserve them. The song’s catchy sound and relatable lyrics make it an anthem for those who have experienced the pain of deception in a relationship.

Satellite Train features a unique combination of artists from Australia and the United States. This includes Australian musicians Michael PaynterPasquale MoneaSusan Turner, John McAll, Shane O’Mara, Randy Jacobs, Jamie Muhoberac, Chris Cheney, and Gregg Bissonette. Among the featured guests are Allison IrahettaClive Young, Tony Hicks, and Marc BonillaMichael Paynter is a lead vocalist and member of Icehouse and Jimmy Barnes, while John McAll is a pianist, composer, arranger, and producer. Randy Jacobs is a talented guitarist who has performed with B.B. King and Willie NelsonPasquale Monea is a bass player known for his unique and melodic sound, while Jamie Muhoberac is a keyboard player known for his creative and haunting style. Gregg Bissonette is a jazz and rock drummer, and Susan Turner is a singer and songwriter with a moody and melodious vocal style. 

 Pics at Gigs - GlenX Photography
Pics at Gigs – GlenX Photography

As a friendly side project, Satellite Train was first imagined by friends. On November 4, 2022, the band released their single “Lies,” and Michael Paynter of Icehouse leads the charge with some of his best vocal work. The song is a musical Pandora’s box. The song carries us to an exhilarating euphoria with its neo-soul accents, jazz vocal swoops, and classic rock instrumentation. As it dissolves in the molten swirls of the song, its melancholy is like a sweet tablet. Michael’s dreamlike, smoky vocals flow out like a graceful dancer. The dreamscape also gains a lovely perspective from the bursting freshness.

Throughout the entire four minutes of this song, Satellite Train takes its listeners on a journey. The band sings, “What do you want?/What do you need?” with the song “Lies.” Satellite Train takes us on a catchy voyage that will make listeners consider the repercussions of their own relationships. Particularly for those seeking an original sound they haven’t heard before, this catchy single is intended to be played often.

 Pics at Gigs - GlenX Photography
Pics at Gigs – GlenX Photography

In describing the world that the lyrics are about, Satellite Train does a fantastic job. Should I sacrifice myself for you? You’re deceiving me with all your lies. It appears that Satellite Train’s only goal is to preserve its subject. In order to survive, they would even support a phony lifestyle. “You claim it’s cold, but the sun beams on you,” the song says.

Listeners will be captivated for the full four minutes and forty seconds by this blend of country, rock, and blues. The song’s final line, “Why do you lie/lure me with your lies?” reverberates in listeners’ minds and becomes ingrained in their memories.

For some listeners, this band might be new, but with each show, they grow their fan base and perform in a trance-like state, winning over every single person as a lifelong fan.

A talented group with a sound that will age well is Satellite Train. With its eerie tones and brutal honesty, this song will undoubtedly grip listeners. Listen to the song “Lies

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