Carson Ferris releases his new indie-pop rock single

“Drive Alone” by Carson Ferris

“Drive Alone” by Carson Ferris is a new indie pop single about a young artist’s journey to make the right choices for his career despite conflicting advice and pressure from others. It is about finding one’s own way and not giving up on one’s instincts. This song is relatable, as we all tend to have this kind of experience while trying to make the right choices for our lives.

A pop musician and songwriter from Provo, Utah, is named Carson Ferris. OneRepublic and a young Michael Jackson can both be heard in his music. In 2021, Carson and Trinidad Cardona released their joint single, “Can’t Be Without You.” Carson also won a social media competition in 2021 to appear in the song “One Bad Apple” during Donny Osmond’s Las Vegas show at Harrah’s. Carson has been quite active in 2022, performing around Provo, composing and recording new music, and appearing at music festivals like Fork Fest and Buzzards and Bees.

Carson Ferris, at age 12, has already had a successful music career and is only beginning. Since he can remember, Carson Ferris has been singing, and at age six, he began taking guitar lessons. At Dave Wilbur’s Rock Lab in Orem, he developed his musical chops by playing guitar and singing in rock bands with other students. He later performed with the renowned One Voice Children’s Choir. Carson decided to continue making music alone when the pandemic began in 2020, as he did not want to stop creating music. 

 Danya Morrison, Ashley Shoenrock
Danya Morrison, Ashley Shoenrock

Pop music by Carson Ferris has a little rock in it. His music is influenced by OneRepublic and individual artists like Ed Sheeran and Alec Benjamin, and his all-time favorite band is Journey. Music by Carson Ferris aims to be both approachable and relatable. Carson Ferris began online school, which started in 2020 so that he could have more time to work on his music. He made good use of that time by performing regularly at regional music events like Fork Fest and Buzzards and Bees. He also keeps himself occupied by writing music, working with the producer MYKYL, and recording tracks at June Audio in Provo. Also In 2023, Carson Ferris plans to release a new song roughly every six weeks, which bodes well for fans of outstanding music.

The newly released single “Drive Alone” by Carson Ferris, which was released on January 13th, tells the story of his musical career. The young singer-songwriter Carson has to sort through advice that is frequently incongruent with what he should do with his music. The song “Drive Alone” is about finding one’s own way and making choices that will lead one to the destination of one’s choice.

Drive Alone” is Carson Ferris‘ follow-up single to “Can’t Be Without You,” a song he co-wrote with Trinidad Cardona, a wonderful singer who is currently signed to Def Jam Records. “Drive Alone” serves in various ways as a link between previous and newer sections of Journey by Carson Ferris. Award-winning songwriter Jasmine Crowe, who is based in Los Angeles, also contributed to the song with MYKYL. The recording of this Carson Ferris song was the first to take place in the June Audio facility in Provo. Maren Gayle handled the track’s engineering, and Jen Marco handled the vocal production. Eric Disero handled the song’s mastering, and Adam Turley handled the mixing. The track “Drive Alone” is simply the first of many from Carson Ferris that will be released in 2023.

 Danya Morrison, Ashley Shoenrock
Danya Morrison, Ashley Shoenrock

Take the next left. That’s how “Drive Alone” initially began. The meeting with producer and artist Michael Van Wagoner, also known as MYKYL on social media and music streaming services, was made possible by the GPS on Carson Ferris‘s phone. The remark inspired Carson to begin writing the first draft of “Drive Alone” while driving, and the meeting also turned out to be crucial because MYKYL also co-wrote and produced the song.

The song “Drive Alone” is about having to make difficult decisions and dealing with several people telling you that you should do this or that when all you need to do is follow your own instincts. The opening line of the song, “should I stay or go, everyone tells me as if they know, feels like I’m being towed like I’ve lost all control,” gives you a sense of where the song is going.

Basically, “Drive Alone” is about Carson Ferris having to go through all of the sometimes conflicting advice he receives as a young artist and deciding what would actually bring him where he wants to go. The song contains a powerful guitar beat and catchy melodies similar to OneRepublic.

Be on the lookout for the release and make sure to add “Drive Alone” to your playlist.

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