Order Of Owls

Order Of Owls, an emerging force in the Australian music scene, hails from the vibrant city of Melbourne. This enigmatic collective, driven by a profound purpose, seeks to convey their attitudes towards societal challenges through their music. Order Of Owls doesn’t claim to possess universal answers to the complexities of our times. Instead, they view music as a vessel to express feelings and navigate the journey of self-discovery. Living in a world where attention deficit and lack of support prevail, the band recognizes the damaging effects.

With precious little time to focus on oneself, Order Of Owls uses their music to convey a message of hope – a reminder that everything will be okay, even in challenging times. The band acknowledges the struggles of isolation and aims to create a musical sanctuary where individuals can find solace and redefine their place in the world. In essence, Order Of Owls emerges not only as musicians but as bearers of a profound message: amidst the chaos, there is a way to rediscover our true selves.

Order Of Owls

Released on January 29th, 2024, Order Of Owls’ most recent song, “What Becomes,” is a captivating audio experience that goes beyond the bounds of traditional musical expression. A catchy percussion beat draws the listener in right away as the music, which delves deeply into society dynamics, begins. The strong vocal delivery, which emanates power and authority, is supported by this rhythmic framework. The band’s moving remark on the difficulties facing our modern society is set against an upbeat and lively background that the song creates right away.

The song is a contemplative journey, not rooted in opinion but serving as an observation of the potential rigidity in today’s social structure. It refuses to dictate a singular viewpoint, instead aiming to inspire holistic thinking. It propels listeners to question the trajectory of society, pondering whether the current path is the right one. As the band raises thought-provoking queries, it becomes evident that “What Becomes” is not just a song but a catalyst for introspection.

Around the 2:13-minute mark, “What Becomes” takes an unexpected turn, introducing a subtle undertone and a beautiful rhythm that marks a departure from the initial intensity. This shift in dynamics showcases Order Of Owls’ mastery in crafting compositions that evolve and surprise. The vocals, once forceful and commanding, transform into a softer and calmer tone at the 2:42-minute mark. This strategic change in vocal delivery, accompanied by a delicate interplay of male and female voices, adds layers to the song, inviting listeners to a more introspective and nuanced experience.

The collaboration with guitarist Jake Webber, marked by a blazing guitar solo, represents a significant milestone for Order Of Owls. It introduces a fresh element to their sound, showcasing a willingness to experiment and expand their musical horizons. Webber’s contribution not only enhances the instrumental dynamics but also adds a layer of complexity to the overall sonic tapestry.

Order Of Owls

As the composition unfolds, the song seamlessly transitions back to its original vibrant allure at the 3:08-minute mark. The return of the pulsating beat and the reemergence of the expressive vocals create a powerful contrast, demonstrating the band’s ability to navigate diverse musical landscapes within a single composition. The exploration doesn’t end here – at the 4:20-minute mark, vibrant guitar riffs join the ensemble, elevating the intensity of the song to new heights. This addition enriches the sonic palette, injecting a renewed sense of dynamism into the musical narrative.

What Becomes” amplifies its effect through a visually striking music video, going beyond the audio experience. The video, which was shot in the infamous Aradale Lunatic Asylum—which is regarded as Australia’s most haunted location—brings the story of the song a menacingly atmospheric depth. The audience is given a comprehensive and engaging experience by the intriguing music and visual storytelling. Even with limited resources, Order Of Owls has achieved more than anticipated in the visual domain, demonstrating their commitment to providing a full artistic product.

At the very least, “What Becomes” is a monument to the creative skill of Order Of Owls and their capacity to craft a sophisticated story out of song. The band’s fearlessness in pushing creative boundaries is evident in the song’s surprising turns, deft dynamics changes, and collaborative aspects. This song is more than just a piece of music; it’s an in-depth examination of the human condition and a reflection on society that takes the listener on a sonic journey that will never be forgotten. Jump into “What Becomes” right now and allow this song’s transformational power to leave a lasting impression on your musical path.

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