Snakesnakewhale Unveils “Castle, PA” – Resounding Echoes Of Home

In the pulsating heart of Asheville, NC, a city teeming with artistic fervor and musical innovation, emerges the enigmatic collective known as Snakesnakewhale. Comprised of Matthew Clark on vocals, Kevin Boggs and Tyler Hernandez on guitars, Max Murray on bass, and Edwin Mericle on drums, Snakesnakewhale embodies the vibrant essence of the local music scene, channeling a kaleidoscope of influences ranging from mid-west emo to nerdy rock, hard-hitting post-hardcore, and a touch of pop punk.

With several concerts and shared experiences as a backdrop, their journey started as a fortunate meeting of musical souls. They created a cohesive blend of sound that is hard to pin down because each member brought their own distinct musical sensibility to the table. The creative efforts of Snakesnakewhale are propelled to new heights of artistic expression with every song they release, driven by their shared passion for creating immersive sound worlds.


Marking its release on January 12th, 2024, “Castle, PA” by Snakesnakewhale emerges as a captivating synthesis of emotion and energy. This latest single from the Asheville, NC-based band pulsates with an eclectic blend of mid-west emo, nerdy rock, and post-hardcore influences. From its haunting piano chords to its electrifying guitar riffs, “Castle, PA” invites listeners like you and like me on a poignant journey through themes of nostalgia and resilience. With its raw intensity and introspective lyrics, the song resonates deeply, leaving an indelible mark on the musical landscape.

Immersimg myself in the sonic journey that is Snakesnakewhale’s “Castle, PA,” I am immediately drawn into a world of raw emotion and intense energy. From the opening piano chords, delicately weaving their melody, to the resounding strings of the electric guitar at the 0:20 timestamp, the song wastes no time in commanding my attention. The transition is abrupt yet seamless, a sudden burst of energy that sets the tone for what’s to come. The reverberating drumming and electrifying guitar riffs propel me forward, each note resonating with a sense of urgency and purpose.

The song’s unrelenting pace sweeps me up as it goes along. There is a slight change in energy at the 1:31 timestamp as the tempo slows and the instrumentation becomes more muted. The main vocalist’s voice takes center stage, delivering the words with a haunting intensity as the drums continue to pulse rhythmically, providing the song’s heartbeat. Amidst the commotion, it’s a period of quiet reflection and an opportunity for me to gather my thoughts before the storm moves on again.


The song achieves a new height at the 1:53 timestamp, with the guitars roaring back to life with a fresh vigor. The drums relentlessly push the rhythm ahead while the bass guitar enters the fray, offering depth and complexity to the surrounding audio. It’s an amazing demonstration of the band’s musical prowess and talent, and it shows how captivating and inspirational their work can be.

The music takes an unexpected turn at 2:39 when the energy drops and the guitar strings become more prominent. It’s an opportunity for introspection in silence, to stop and assess the feelings that are circulating inside. The song flows over me like a wave, encompassing me in its soft embrace, and then it builds again, reaching an incredible peak at 3:02 in the timestamp. The song eventually fades into nothingness as the energy bursts forth with an unmatched intensity, the drums booming and the guitars howling.

Snakesnakewhale’s “Castle, PA” explores grief, longing, and the illusive idea of home in great detail. The song expresses the emotional journey of coping with the loss of familiarity and the yearning for a sense of belonging that appears elusive through moving lyrics and evocative accompaniment. A location that once felt like home is missed, yet the lyrics, “I’m doing my best to get over it, to get over it / I should be focused on the road in front of me,” capture the strain of attempting to move on while carrying the weight of nostalgia and longing. It’s a universal theme that resonates with listeners just like me, as I navigate the complexities of change and the bittersweet realization that the feeling of home may never be the same again.


“Castle, PA” is unique in that it uses powerful instrumentation and poignant lyrics to communicate such an intimate message. Though the song has a lot of intensity, it also very obviously displays a sense of vulnerability and sincerity. Snakesnakewhale is using this masterpiece to urge listeners to go on a journey of reflection and self-discovery via their music, which serves as a medium for their most private emotions and ideas.

A journey into the depths of the human soul, “Castle, PA” by Snakesnakewhale is a masterwork of musical storytelling. The song enthralls and motivates with its unfiltered emotion and boundless energy, from its eerie melodies to its thrilling orchestration. Thoughts of the work’s intricate arrangement and profound subject analysis bring to mind the ability of music to bridge linguistic and cultural divides and bring people together through our common feelings of love, grief, and desire. It is evidence of the art form’s eternal ability to inspire and uplift people, making a lasting impression on those who are brave enough to listen.

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