Shannen Bamford’s “Addicted”: A Soulful Expedition Of Self-Revelation

Shannen Bamford is a rare combination of unadulterated talent and profound introspection among musicians in the wide-ranging field Shannen started her adventure at the young age of 11 when she stepped onto the stage having been reared in the thriving Liverpool music industry From a childhood interest the craft of musical storytelling has become a lifetime love Shannen quickly established herself as a mainstay of the local music industry with her soulful vocals and profound lyrics She gained popularity as a singer-songwriter and in-demand session pianist Her talent soon became known outside of her hometown and she performed at events and festivals all over the world including Hope & Glory LIMF and Sound City 2018 saw Shannen relocate to the energetic city of New York City which signaled the beginning of a new phase in her artistic career.

In the middle of the legendary Rockwood Music Hall Mercury Lounge and Bowery Electric she discovered a fresh canvas to create her soundscapes on Shannen Bamford draws inspiration from well-known artists like Phoebe Bridgers Alvvays and Oh Wonder Her music is a reflection of the variety of inspirations that have shaped her own style Her musical environment has grown stronger as a result of collaborations with artists from other genres and her songs now have more individuality and depth Shannen’s song “Slow Fade” from 2020 earned positive reviews from reviewers and was nominated for “Song of the Year” and “Best Pop Duo/Group Performance” in the first round of the Grammy Awards.

Shannen Bamford’s newest single, “Addicted” released on February 16th, 2024. Get ready for an educational and illuminating voyage “Addicted” takes a fresh approach on exploring the depths of heartbreak with airy music and reflective lyrics In an environment where blame is frequently directed elsewhere Shannen’s moving lyrics highlight the difficulty accepting personal responsibility for one’s own suffering Her captivating vocal hook “I’m addicted to the pain” asks listeners to consider the addictive nature of searching for happy moments in the midst of unavoidable suffering.

I put on my headphone and I got in the cozy tranquil and yet somber and bittersweet realm of “Addicted” by Shannen Bamford The thing is I’m already addicted to this sound and that’s because it’s a reflection of my own life experiences it’s a mirror that I look into and I see myself the tempo of the song the rhythm of the instruments and the melody they all come together to produce are like sweet and sour candy I could feel the sweetness of the melody in my hear but I still felt the pain in my soul and in my heart and you know the funny thing is I’m teary writing this right now Shannen Bamford wrote a song that’s for me and I can say that because I resonate with this song on level that are beyond ordinary.

This emotionally written masterpiece opens up with ethereal synth sounds that is rapidly joined with the soulful and gentle strumming of the guitar creating this solemn and somber atmosphere brimming with melancholy The 0:22 timestamp marked the entrance of something magical something that is celestial, a tone that felt like it had an eternal impact I’m talking about the angelic voice of Shannen Bamford sailing smoothly coming with calm like a gentle wind blowing over my head and that was where the full spellbinding magic happened to me my addiction started from this point. With the coming in of Shannen Bamford’s vocals the soulful strings of the guitar intensified with the gentle melodic sounds of the lead guitar began to dance in the shadows of the composition.

The deep grounding sound of the bass served as the anchor of this song and the astral chords of the piano sailed with the flow of the melody in a peaceful and welcoming way The 1:55 timestamp marked the emergence of the styled gentle rhythm of the acoustic guitar, moving with precision and beauty, not just that I heard the stylish sound of the percussion beat pulsing through the song Hitting the 3:13 timestamp the song took a much more solemn turn stripping itself of its instrumentation leaving just the ethereal sounds of the background the soulful strings of the guitar and the angelic voice of Shannen Bamford to do the magic and at the 3:28 I heard the unique unusual and delicate sounds of the bass guitar being strung with precision and care crafting melodies that skyrocketed this song to new found heights.


The 3:45 timestamp marked the reintroduction of the heartfelt intensity building with the recovery of the stripped do instrumentation going wild but in a very emotional way bringing the emotional valuation of this song to newer and higher planes and not just that at this point I could hear voices all over the background crafting harmonies, creating melodies that contributed to the overall allure of this masterpiece, this song moved with precision and care from begining to end creating melodies that are deep and profound the tempo choice that is both calm, somber and exhilarating made it a masterpiece of a composition.

“Addicted” by Shannen Bamford delves into my internal struggle of taking responsibility for my own pain while exploring the addictive nature of seeking euphoric moments despite the inevitable hurt Through the lyrics “I don’t know if it’s wrong or right to feel what I’m feeling” and “I’m addicted to the pain” the song captures my conflicting emotions and my relentless cycle of seeking solace in familiar yet destructive patterns My acknowledgment of addiction to pain reflects a deeper introspection into the complexities of my emotions and my desire for fleeting moments of relief even at the cost of enduring suffering “Addicted” resonates with themes of self-awareness, personal accountability and my relentless pursuit of emotional highs amidst the turmoil of my internal battles offering a poignant reflection on the intricacies of my vulnerability and resilience in the face of adversity.

Shannen Bamford’s “Addicted” is a sublime work of art painstakingly constructed to provoke unadulterated feeling and reflection The song has unmatched beauty and depth in every area from the ethereal instrumentation to Shannen’s heavenly vocals The heartbreaking lyrics and passionate melody showcase the thorough attention to detail enticing listeners to embark on a journey of vulnerability and self-discovery “Addicted” is unique because of its unquestionable emotional impact which captivates viewers with its genuineness and realism It’s proof of Shannen Bamford’s vision and artistry making a lasting impression on everyone who dares to listen.


Shannen Bamford’s piece “Addicted” is a masterwork that surpasses genre and emotional limitations Its eerie sounds and reflective lyrics take listeners on a voyage of self-discovery and introspection It’s best to lose yourself in “Addicted” letting its ethereal beauty reveal the intricacies of the human experience Shannen Bamford’s music is a monument to the timeless ability of art to pierce the depths of the human soul in a world overflowing with transient distractions Not just a song “Addicted” is a profound and life-changing experience that lingers long after the music ends.

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