22 November 2022

“Thanks For That” a melody for the heart by Gavan Walby (instrumental)

Gavan Waldby has had several musical escapades. From big band guitarist to comedy, he has done it all. He discovered his calling several years ago. Says Gavan, “I wanted something concrete to demonstrate the lifetime of musical training I had received,” he explained, “I knew at that precise instant what I wanted to do when I grew up was to create my own song and record it.” 

Today Gavan Waldby is overjoyed to have over 1800 devoted followers who like his music and over 300,000 Spotify listens. He published “Thanks for That,” a song inspired by a tragic event in his life, in August 2022. He created this song with his sister and dedicated it to his wife, daughter, sister, and mother, all of whom were there for him when he needed them. Writing this masterpiece was an emotional rollercoaster due to the song’s emotional and personal base, which is evident simply from listening to it.

Gavan Waldby
Gavan Waldby

“Thanks for that” is structured into four main sections, one for each important lady in Waldby’s life. Each segment’s harmony and melody change slightly, yet they are effectively in line with each other. The organ and woodwinds in the opening section’s harmony are a dedication to his wife; they convey tenderness and portray the song’s dominant emotion. The second section of the song, dedicated to his daughter, starts with a transition to a gentler key. With this shift in key, Waldby expertly conveys how her smile has the capacity to light up every room. The third section is lighthearted and devoted to his sister, who also provides backing vocals in this section! The closing stanza of the song, which is dedicated to remembering those who are no longer with us, which features poignant thoughts of Waldby’s late mother.

This amazing single, “Thanks for That,” has received a lot of appreciation and has over 28,000 Spotify streams right now. With the success story of this latest single reaching out to fans and new audiences around the world, Gavan Walby began to consider producing an instrumental track for the new single “Thanks for that.” After discussing the idea with his studio team, they decided that having a saxophone as the lead instrument would produce an excellent sound. Joshua Hatcher, a saxophonist from Brisbane, arrived and performed the session for Gavan after he got in touch with him. He added a guitar section, bass, drums, additional synth, and more.

                            Thanks For That – Official Lyric Video

After the studio session, Gavan was impressed with the outcome of his upcoming instrumental track. Gavan states, “I’m stunned at the outcome! I had no clue how it would entirely alter the song and transform it into an instrumental that can be played by itself. “It has adult contemporary, dreamy jazz, and Kenny G-like characteristics in terms of style.”

Gavan Waldby in a studio session
Gavan Waldby in a studio session

On November 25, 2022, the brand-new instrumental “Thanks For That” (instrumental) will be released and available on all major music streaming platforms. Follow Gavan so you don’t miss out on this new beautiful single, “Thanks for that,” when it’s released.

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