23 November 2022

Get in trend with one of Romania’s most creative and successful bands Thy Veils

Thy Veils is a notion transformed into fashion, a simple yet intricate meditation. Thy Veils’ art speaks through a dense vision about exploration, experimentation, and the search within the realm of the undefined, movement in the quantum, and it was nourished by digital media expression and communication. It was born out of the reality of the previous millennium. Thy Veils began as a studio project in 1995 under the direction of Daniel Dorobantu, and it quickly rose to prominence in the Romanian ambient music scene. After 13 years of studio projects, Daniel turns Thy Veils into a performing arts ensemble in 2008.

By 2022, Thy Veils had produced their own music, including seven studio albums, four live albums, many singles, a DVD with non-narrative video essays, video art for live performances and video installations, music for movies, and modern dance.

Thy veils performance at Control Club in Bucharest
Thy veils performance at Control Club in Bucharest

Live performances by Thy Veils are audio-visual experiences that immerse the audience in other realms and the unfathomable depths of empathetic comprehension and reflection.

Thy Veils Team :

Daniel Dorobanțu – founder, electronics, production, visual

Alira Mun – vocal

Maria Hojda – vocal

Manuela Marchiș – vocal

Anuka Kontridze – tabla

Petre Ionuțescu – trumpet

Mircea Ardeleanu Jr – bass

Attila Lukinich – mixing and mastering engineer

Georgiana Feidi – photography

Anita Ramona – stylist

Another performance by "Thy veils"
Another performance by “Thy veils”

On November 8, 2022, Thy Veils, one of Romania’s most creative and successful bands, released “Influx,” a song that serves as both a rallying cry and an invitation to a fresh sense of community. “Thy Veils,” futuristic pathos, which combines emotions with elysian technology, is at the heart of bass, voices, and electronic synths. Influx is “about us all because it’s about our collective consciousness—what we all feel, desire, experience, dream, remember, and envision,” according to founder Daniel Dorobanţu.

The song is taken from the upcoming album “Next Forever,” a celestial and supersonic journey across time and space with funk influences. Lyrically, Influx strikes a compromise between the transcendental poetics of Daniel Dorobantu and the wisdom of renowned Zen poet Han Chan (Cold Mountain).

Daniel Dorobanţu invites us to the imaginative world of “Next Forever” in a series of pieces published on the band’s website and devoted to the next album by Thy Veils. Details concerning the theme and future direction of “Next Forever” are revealed in this first episode. Link

Maria Hojda’s wise, seductive voice stands out thanks to the synths of Daniel Dorobanţu and the bass of Mircea Ardeleanu Jr. It feels like a calming presence to the world and offers hope in a time of uncertainty.

Inspiration for upcoming Album "Next Forever" by Thy Veils
Inspiration for upcoming Album “Next Forever” by Thy Veils

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