22 November 2022

“Wicked” a new single by Madison Deaver, an artist destined for fame 

Madison Deaver, a 21-year-old songwriter-singer, began performing at fairs, festivals, and other events when she was just 10 years old. She didn’t completely begin composing her own songs until two years ago. She used to sing covers when she was younger and has always admired musicians who can write songs entirely from scratch. She professes to be “obsessed” with it now that she has mastered it herself, and each new release demonstrates how much better she is getting.

Live performance by Madison Deaver
Live performance by Madison Deaver

Madison Deaver is an artist to watch out for, with an increasing amount of live performances from Boston to Las Vegas to Los Angeles. She is renowned for being an energetic performer with bold, edgy lyrics and a voice to match her style. With analogies to Gwen Stefani and Avril Lavigne’s garage era, Madison stands out among independent female singers, making her mark on the current pop-punk rebirth. According to a recent article, “If you’ve ever wanted to find a budding talent right before they erupt in popularity, you’ll want to check out Madison Deaver, ASAP.”

Madison Deaver performance at The Viper Room
Madison Deaver performance at The Viper Room

Madison Deaver has forged a new path. She does astounding live performances all throughout the country, from Boston to Los Angeles, where she engages the audience by scaling speakers or jumping from platforms. She recently did a live performance in the legendary Viper Room in Hollywood, California, where her music, singing, and lyrics sparked an ardent crowd.

Madison is a musician bound for greatness because she adds personality and catchiness to her particular style of punk. Her latest release, “Wicked,” is no different. The brand-new single “Wicked,” which includes Madison’s instantly identifiable passionate, muscular voice, is weaved into a Pop Punk frenzy of dark fairy tales. The song’s rapid tempo and demanding beat leave listeners feeling just as furious and enraged as Madison and co-writer Una Jensen felt when creating the song. 

The song’s lyrics (from “Wicked”) begin, “It used to be yellow brick roads, but you got caught up kissing toads.” Madison exhibits her command of gorgeous falsettos and strident accusations in one of her “Wicked” performances. The words are both nostalgic and overly intimate if you are a princess who has been wronged.

Madison’s debut album, which has yet to be named, will be preceded by another single in 2023. The future album will reveal a whole tale through each tune, with an almost joyful ending. Tunes like “That’s What She Said” and “C U In Hell” demonstrate how you can sense her own truth simmering just beneath the surface of the album’s songs.

“Wicked,” Madison Deaver’s latest single, was released on October 28, 2022, and is currently available on all major streaming platforms.

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