21 November 2022


Tally Koren was featured on BBC Radio 2 and received the Fringe Award for Best Singer-Songwriter in 2011. Her song was broadcast on the Graham Norton “highlights of the year program” in 2011, and it was performed by Chris Evans, Janice Long, Steve Wright, and Graham Norton. She appeared as a guest on Virgin Media TV and Aled Jones’ Good Morning Sunday Show. 

Tally Koren: Photo credits by Rupert Truman
Tally Koren: Photo credits by Rupert Truman

Tally has been using her voice for the past few years to build bridges across many ethnic groups with her UK tour “Vision of Hope” and the message “We all speak the same language via music.” Her unique, emotive voice and exquisite stage presence have garnered a great deal of praise from reviewers. Tally has played repeatedly in many of London’s most prestigious venues, including the Houses of Parliament, the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry, the Marbella International Film Festival, and Tate Britain’s William Blake remembrance. James Bond directors were intrigued by Tally’s smooth voice, which led to her being chosen to voice an Israeli spy in the tenth and final James Bond movie, “Quantum of Solace.” Other recent performances include live singing at the beginning of a football game at MK Dons, the Royal Albert Hall, the National Arboretum, the Belgrade Theatre, and the House of Lords.

Tally Koren: Photo credits by Rupert Truman
Tally Koren: Photo credits by Rupert Truman

One of the most unique voices in the present indie/AOR/pop milieu, according to Lord Eames OM House of Lords, belongs to Tally Koren. Her songs are also fantastic storytellers. Former senior vice president of Sony BMG New York Chris Craker remarked on the singer’s capacity to sing with intellect and emotion, adding, “Her sentiments when delivering these great songs flow forward to the audience and touch them forever.” 

With up-and-coming rappers like Chillz Muzik as the featured artist in a brand-new song called “Watch Your Thoughts (It’s Who You Are),” Tally Koren is leaning more toward fresh sounds this year. This tune will have you humming and dancing in no time. The chorus leaves a powerful, upbeat reverberation in the mind. You find yourself wondering how “It’s who you are” keeps coming back to you while feeling like you’ve opened a box of emotions and sentiments. The combination of Tally’s calming voice and the upbeat instrumentals is sure to make people smile and uplift those who could use a little more positivity in their lives. Tally Koren and Phil Curran were responsible for the song’s enchanting composition and soaring melody (Tears for Fears.) With rising Rapper Chillz Muzik from Billboard Charts. Blended by Hybrid Lab Studio (The Chainsmokers, Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg.)

                               Tally Koren “It’s Who You Are” {Official Teaser}

The Lao Tzu quote is a perfect fit for Tally’s goal of inspiring people to shine, and ironically, Tally’s last name, “Koren,” means “bright, dazzling, and sparkling.” In the official music video for It’s Who You Are, join the dancing community! Koren wants dancers to perform the dance move that was created for the chorus of Tally’s recent hit, “It’s Who You Are,” for a 15-second video. The best of them will be featured in Tally’s official music video for the song, which will contain the best dancers’ flicks.

Tally has engaged in a number of humanitarian initiatives and wishes to continue making a difference. Her charitable endeavors include fundraising for Water Aid, Samaritan’s Purse, Marie Curie, and Cruse Bereavement. 

“Every cell in my body vibrates to the sound of Tally’s heavenly voice. It’s like entering a fairytale while listening to her”-Top Fan

Tally’s recent hit  “It’s Who You Are” was released on November 18, 2022, and is available on all major audio streaming services.

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