21 November 2022

Jen Ash, a former professional basketball player, released her new single “Crush On You” on July 31, 2022, a song with a 90s vibe. Ash presently resides in Los Angeles but was born in Lebanon.

The international pop/soul performer Jen Ash was raised in France after moving from Lebanon as a young child. She relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her singing career after having a successful run as a professional basketball player. After releasing a number of critically acclaimed tunes that have had over 100,000 Spotify streams, she has been performing in LA since 2018. The award-winning PR agency, MTS Management Group, and the blonde beauty teamed up to release the singer’s most recent song.

Jen Ash "Crush on you"
Jen Ash “Crush on you”

Her musical style is influenced by 90s music, and she strives to make songs that inspire and connect with listeners. She is now capable of independent musical exploration. The journey has been both beautiful and difficult.

She incorporates some fantasy into her songs as she taps into both past and current emotions as well as future dreams. Her sensuous vocals will take you on a fantastic voyage, and she can create music in both French and English.

The latest track, “Crush On You,” draws influence from vintage R&B figures of the 1990s while also incorporating contemporary pop elements to create a new and upbeat tune.

                Empire – Home Is. On The Way (Cover)  by Jen Ash

Regarding her music, Jen responds, “I have some life memories that are connected to particular songs.” I want listeners to connect some aspects of their lives to my music. They are not alone, and we all experience similar emotions at times, I want to reassure them. The finest way to say to someone, “I know what you’re going through, and I’m with you,” is through music.

Crush On You,” a brand-new single, is currently only available on Spotify and other audio major streaming platforms.

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