Blackchords comes back with their latest captivating album

“Discover a symphony of emotions in Blackchords’ triumphant return album, “Connected // Forgotten.” With tracks that weave a sonic tapestry of longing, vulnerability, and resilience, this album invites listeners on a mesmerizing journey through the complexities of the human experience, promising a musical odyssey that resonates deeply and transcends boundaries.”

Emerging from the vibrant music scene of Melbourne, Australia, Blackchords stands as a testament to artistic resilience and creative revival. After a hiatus spanning nearly a decade, the alt-rock band has made a resounding comeback with their third studio album, ‘Connected // Forgotten.’ Famed for their entrancing soundscapes and introspective songwriting, Blackchords found their artistic wellspring replenished after a period of artistic depletion. Their music had already left an indelible mark on the global stage, gracing the soundtracks of popular TV shows like Suits, Shameless, and Orange is the New Black. However, it was during this hiatus that the band’s creative spark was rekindled, leading to a sonic masterpiece that delves into dreamy post-rock and dark pop territories. Collaborations with accomplished artists, including string arranger Tamil Rogeon and drummer Daniel Farrugia, further enrich the album’s ghostly harmonies and pulsating rhythms. ‘Connected // Forgotten’ not only showcases Blackchords‘ evolution and maturity but also reaffirms their position as a force to be reckoned with in the realm of alternative rock.

In a triumphant return that echoes through the realm of emotions, Blackchords‘ latest album, “Connected // Forgotten,” has gracefully stepped into the spotlight on September 1, 2023. With an entrancing mix of tracks, this album is a testament to the band’s ability to craft a symphony of feelings that resonate with listeners on a profound level.
Connected // Forgotten tracks includes
1.               More Than You May Ever Know
2.               Trawler
3.               Mystified
4.               Shadows
5.               Unending Stream
6.               Bonne Berceuse
7.               No Place To Be
8.               Through The Windows
9.               Liminal Spaces
10.            Wide Awake

The album embarks on its journey with “More Than You May Ever Know,” a masterpiece that opens with the rhythm of drums, accompanied by the electric guitar’s resounding notes. The artist’s vocals cascade in, echoing the lines “Give me something sweet, to keep standing tall. When it all gets bad, and you’re not around.” As the chorus sweeps in, the artist croons, “My heart is only for you, you may never know how much,” revealing a vulnerability that immediately draws the audience into the realm of longing and desire. A climactic pause at 3:48 allows the instrumentals to converse with the listener, paving the way for the introduction of gentle acoustics that stir the soul.

Continuing the sonic odyssey, “Mystified” emerges with vocals that linger like echoes of a forgotten memory. The artist’s proclamation, “The voice is loud, calling you back through passages of another time,” serves as an invitation into the labyrinth of emotions encapsulated within the album. An alternative rock essence intertwines seamlessly with the backdrop of sonic synth-like instrumentation, conjuring a bewitching aura. The unexpected shift at the 2:00 mark surprises with captivating instrumentals, akin to a dance under a moonlit sky, leaving a trail of mystique and intrigue.

As the album unfolds further, each track becomes a portal to a distinct realm of sentiment. “No Place To Be” stands as a testament to the power of vocals in storytelling, with the artist’s haunting delivery crafting an image of a forsaken landscape. “This is no place, no place, no place to be. Waiting for the riots, waiting for the rising sea,” the lyrics resonate, woven into an intricate tapestry of sound. At 0:59, the artist’s charismatic vocals take center stage, weaving a spell that binds the listener to the evocative narrative.

This sonic tapestry is meticulously woven, where instrumentals and vocals create an immersive experience that surpasses the mere auditory. The fusion of potent vocals and powerful instrumentals becomes a vessel through which the heart’s yearnings and the soul’s turmoil are expressed. The amalgamation of these elements elevates each song into an emotional crescendo, painting portraits of love, introspection, and the delicate threads of human connection.

Connected // Forgotten” excels in its seamless fusion of powerful vocals and instrumentals. The band’s ability to craft an intricate balance between the two elevates each track to a higher plane, transcending mere music and delving into the realm of raw human connection. The sonic diversity in tracks like “Bonne Berceuse,” which carries the listener on an instrumental reverie, showcases the band’s artistic range and willingness to experiment.

The lyrics in “Connected//Forgotten” traverse a spectrum of themes and emotions. From the heart-wrenching longing in “More Than You May Ever Know” to the resilience in “No Place To Be,” each song dives deep into the human experience. “Wide Awake” delves into themes of isolation and longing as the artist sings, “Walking on eggshells and my friends won’t talk anymore.” The emotional intensity in these lyrics is palpable, creating an immediate connection with the listener over an acoustic melody, evoking a sense of vulnerability and fragility.

As the final notes of “Connected // Forgotten” drift into the horizon, the message embedded within each track reverberates — a testament to the shared human experience, a journey through love, loss, and the intricate labyrinth of feelings. This album beckons listeners to embark on their own introspective odyssey, to embrace vulnerability, and to find solace in melodies that mirror the diverse landscape of the heart.

For those seeking a musical expedition beyond the ordinary, “Connected // Forgotten” extends an invitation. Its ability to meld soundscapes with sentiments creates an unparalleled experience. Dive into each track, let the melodies carry you through realms of longing, reflection, and hope. Traverse the intricate landscapes crafted by Blackchords, and emerge with a renewed connection to your own emotions. This album is more than just music; it’s an odyssey that captures the essence of the human spirit, transcending time and space. Embark on this journey of sound and soul, and let “Connected // Forgotten” be the soundtrack to your exploration of the intricacies of human emotion.

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