Embarking on a melodic journey that traverses the cultural crossroads of Washington, DC, and the heart of Ukraine, Kelsie Kimberlin emerges as an artist molded by the diverse influences of her upbringing. Raised in the vibrant tapestry of Washington, DC, Kelsie intertwines the soul-stirring melodies of her American roots with the rich musical legacy of Ukraine. Her musical expedition not only captivates audiences with her innate talent but also showcases her commitment to advocacy and unity. With millions of views, plays, and streams, Kelsie Kimberlin’s artistry transcends geographical boundaries, echoing themes of resilience and connectivity.

In tandem with her prolific musical journey, Kelsie Kimberlin becomes a cultural bridge, inviting listeners to partake in a sonic exploration where every note bears the weight of purpose and unity. Her story unfolds against the backdrop of a musical landscape that authentically reverberates with the harmonious blend of her American-Ukrainian heritage. This intricate fusion creates a space where influences seamlessly interweave, transcending genres and fostering a realm where the power of music becomes a potent force for transformative change.


As a bridge between two worlds, Kelsie Kimberlin decided to use her platform to amplify the voices of her ancestral homeland, Ukraine. The release of her latest single, “Vlad,” on December 11th, 2023, stands as a testament to this commitment. This musical revelation unfolded after a preview on a UK radio station, where it garnered a strong audience response, solidifying Kelsie’s resolve to leverage her art for a greater cause.

From the first explosive beat, “Vlad” by Kelsie Kimberlin detonates like a musical nuke, leaving an indelible impact that reverberates long after the final note. As the driving beat and rap lyrics kick in, a surge of intense energy grips me, setting the stage for a song that transcends the boundaries of time.

The opening moments unfold with finely crafted synths and a gentle drumming, gradually escalating in intensity with each passing second. At the 0:12 timestamp, Kelsi Kimberlin’s resonant vocals burst onto the scene, riding the powerful wave of the complete drum sound, infusing her deep rap lyrics with unparalleled intensity. A brief pause in the drumming at 0:37 creates a momentary suspense, only to swiftly return but this time is simultaneously accompanied by the profound depth of the bass guitar, adding a layer of flavor to the song’s composition.

In the lyrical tapestry of “Vlad,” Kelsie Kimberlin passionately exposes the relentless cycle of oppression and injustice perpetrated by malevolent forces. As she laments, “It’s the war and the death and the hate and threats and the lies that you’re always telling us,” the pervasive deceit and hostility endured by the masses become palpable. The emotional outcry continues with an exploration of the devastating consequences, asserting, “It’s the mothers and the fathers and the children and the families and the bodies and the lives you steal from all of us.” The artist’s condemnation intensifies with a poignant reflection on the environmental toll, stating, “It’s the bombers and the nukes and the oil and the earth and the air that you always wreck for all of us.” The song becomes a powerful anthem of resistance, encapsulating the collective pain and determination to confront the oppressor, emphasized by the fervent declaration, “Yeah, We’re talking about you.”

The brilliance of “Vlad” lies not only in its lyrical potency but also in how Kelsi Kimberlin masterfully employs intense instrumentation to convey deeply resonant messages. Despite the escalating force of the instrumentals, her vocals and lyrics remain a beacon, cutting through the musical tempest with unwavering precision. Even during the song’s most intense moments, the marriage of vocals and instrumentals is not a clash but a harmonious dance, each element complementing the other flawlessly—an intricate symphony of intensity that defines the unique energy behind Kelsie’s vocals.

As the sonic storm of “Vlad” subsides, the standout moment crystallizes—the mind-blowing guitar riff between 1:36 to 1:46. This fleeting yet impactful moment is a testament to Kelsie Kimberlin’s artistry, encapsulating the essence of the song’s power and uniqueness. It’s a musical punctuation that lingers in the mind, leaving an enduring imprint and solidifying “Vlad” as a song destined to resonate through the ages. In this masterfully crafted composition, Kelsie Kimberlin has not just created a song; she has forged a sonic masterpiece—a testament to the indomitable power of music to convey profound messages while delivering an unforgettable experience.

“Vlad” by Kelsie Kimberlin emerges as a sonic force, blending intense energy with profound messages of resistance. The raw vocals and intricate instrumentals create a musical masterpiece that resonates long after the song’s conclusion. This track transcends mere auditory delight; it encapsulates a call to action, urging listeners to unite against injustice. In recommending “Vlad,” I suggest immersing oneself in this captivating composition—an anthem for change that not only entertains but leaves a forever mark, encouraging reflection and collective empowerment.

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