Sonic Triumph: Echomoon Releases ‘Kids Are Cruel’ – A Powerful Anthem Of Resilience And Empowerment


Echomoon, the musical alter ego of Mona Echo Perwez, hails from the dynamic music scene of Belgium, specifically Heverlee. Growing up in a family deeply rooted in pop history, Echomoon’s childhood unfolded against the eclectic soundtrack of punk, new wave, and timeless classics, creating a unique blend that would later define the artist’s musical identity. Immersed in the backstage, on stage, and in the studio from an early age, Echomoon’s upbringing was a fusion of influences that transcended conventional boundaries.

Despite the warm musical nest, Echomoon’s journey wasn’t without challenges. Embracing a non-binary identity and confronting the complexities of ADHD, the artist experienced the harsh realities of societal expectations. The battle against anorexia became a seven-year struggle for life. However, Echomoon emerged resilient, refusing to be defined by societal norms.


Released on January 19th, 2024, “Kids Are Cruel” stands as an anthem of empowerment and a musical journey that transcends mere auditory experience. Echomoon, through this original single, crafts an opus that not only resonates with its vibrant instrumentals and passionate vocals but also carries a profound message of resilience against bullying.

The opening notes of the song set the tone for an energetic and powerful experience. The instrumentals, pulsating with vitality, create a dynamic backdrop that complements the thematic core. As the listener delves into the lyrics, the narrative unfolds into a poignant reflection on the impact of bullying. Lines such as “Start a riot, make some noise” and “Don’t need a fake apology, so stop playing around!” become rallying cries against mistreatment, echoing the artist’s call for resistance and self-assertion.

The protagonist’s journey, as depicted in the lyrics, is a testament to the refusal to succumb to peer pressure. Echomoon paints a vivid picture of overcoming adversity, asserting independence, and ultimately thriving despite past challenges. The song becomes a mirror reflecting the artist’s own experiences, particularly those related to non-binary identity, ADHD, and the battle against anorexia. The lyrics evolve from a narrative of victimhood into a declaration of triumph and self-discovery, encapsulated in the resounding lines, “I am a rockstar, and I wrote this song! Who’s laughing now, I turned out cool”.

Beyond the lyrical depth, the vocal delivery is a standout feature of “Kids Are Cruel.” Echomoon’s voice carries an intensity that mirrors the passion behind the lyrics. Each note becomes a vessel for the artist’s journey, expressing the emotional highs and lows with a sincerity that resonates deeply with the listener. The vocal performance, vibrant and expressive, becomes a driving force that propels the thematic narrative forward.

The thematic expression within the song extends beyond personal triumph; it becomes a universal call to break free from the constraints of bullying and societal judgments. Echomoon, through this musical creation, encourages listeners to embrace their authentic selves, standing tall against the tide of conformity. The narrative arc within “Kids Are Cruel” is a journey from vulnerability to empowerment, a journey that mirrors the broader struggles many face in navigating societal expectations.


The instrumentals maintain a high level of energy throughout the song, contributing to its overall dynamism. The vibrant melodies and rhythmic beats create an immersive sonic experience, enhancing the emotional impact of the lyrics. The song’s structure allows for a seamless integration of these elements, ensuring a cohesive and engaging musical narrative.

In the world of Echomoon, “Kids Are Cruel” isn’t just a song; it’s a multifaceted artistic expression. It serves as a bold statement against bullying, a celebration of embracing one’s authentic self, and a rallying cry for empowerment. The artist’s ability to weave personal experiences into a universal narrative is a testament to the authenticity embedded in the song.

Kids Are Cruel” invites listeners to not only appreciate its musical intricacies but also to reflect on their own journeys of resilience and self-discovery. It is more than a mere composition; it’s a transformative experience that invites the audience to join Echomoon on a journey from victimhood to triumph, from conformity to individuality. Experience the vibrant energy and powerful message of “Kids Are Cruel” — a musical testament to triumph over adversity and an invitation to embrace the strength found in authenticity.

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