MDK FLA releases his new alternative rock album “The Unintended Consequences of Time Travel”

“The Unintended Consequences of Time Travel” by MDK FLA is an experimental and genre-blending album that explores time travel and the internet mystery surrounding John Titor. It inspires listeners to expand their musical horizons, think differently about time and personal responsibility, and be more open-minded. Fort Myers-based musician Matthew Cobis, who is also known by the moniker MDK…

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MDK FLA releases his latest pop/hip-hop album titled Elixir

Elixir, MDK FLA’s most recent album, conveys a message of optimism and resiliency in the midst of catastrophe. MDK FLA AKA Matthew Cobis‘ latest album “Elixir” wowed me. Taking influence from an array of super talents from ‘Nirvana‘ to ‘Daft Punk‘, MDK FLA has proven himself to be a true alchemist of sound. The ten tracks that comprise “Elixir” are nothing…

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