Song by Little Tealeif, “Pedestal People,” is a somber earworm.

Indie-Electro artist Little Tealeif announces New Single ‘Pedestal People’ and EP ‘Charcoal’ Shaun Hinton 33-year-old writer and producer, goes by the stage name Little Tealeif. After spending some time wandering the streets of Paris, Little Tealeif has returned to Kent with one goal in mind: to create gritty and complex electro-pop. The multi-instrumentalist, producer, and poet is currently residing…

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The Plight of Ghanaian Commuters: Unraveling the Troubling Tale of Bus Conductors

“Exploring the daily struggles of Ghanaian commuters, we uncover a troubling narrative of bus conductors exploiting passengers, especially those with a more respectable appearance, by overcharging them. This issue is further exacerbated by the current economic hardships, leaving hardworking Ghanaians financially burdened due to these dishonest practices. To combat this problem, initiatives such as education,…

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Privacy Concerns Surrounding Nissan and Kia Amid Data Collection Allegations”

“Privacy Concerns Surrounding Nissan and Kia Amid Data Collection Allegations,” recent reports illuminate serious privacy apprehensions linked to major automotive manufacturers, Nissan and Kia. These concerns stem from allegations of invasive data collection practices, employee data sharing, and an alarming lack of responsiveness from both companies”. Recent reports have shed light on serious privacy concerns…

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