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The Infinity Process, a progressive rock group founded in the industrial core of Toledo, Ohio, became well-known in the genre in 2014. The two musicians, Kimberly and Jason Tingley, whose personal and professional lives are combined in the process of creating their music, are at the center of this auditory adventure. Their relationship started out as an experimental hobby soon after they started dating and developed into a strong musical collaboration that resulted in their marriage and the official founding of The Infinity Process.

Jason Tingley, the guitarist and bassist, brings a rich background in intricate riffs and robust bass lines, drawing inspiration from bands like Helmet and Thrice. Kimberly Tingley, the band’s vocalist, complements Jason’s instrumental prowess with her ethereal yet powerful voice, influenced by the likes of Muse and System of a Down. Completing the trio is Brent Gfell, a drummer whose intense rhythms and dynamic beats are reminiscent of The Dillinger Escape Plan.

The Infinity Process became well-known very fast, opening for big names like Helmet and Sponge and reaching the 2018 94.5 FM Next2Rock Contest finals. Their energetic and accurate live performances are well-known for enthralling audiences with a unique blend of lyrical complexity and raw strength.

On May 10th, 2024, The Infinity Process released their highly anticipated single, “Glitches,” a track that epitomizes their innovative approach to music. Inspired by a marathon viewing of the TV show Westworld, “Glitches” delves into the unsettling concept of life as a simulation and the omnipresent rise of artificial intelligence. This single explores themes of existential uncertainty, the search for authenticity, and the impact of technology on our lives.

When I first listened to “Glitches” by The Infinity Process, I still recall it. I was mesmerized by the track’s intense energy and intricacy from the very first note. This song offers proof of the group’s avant-garde progressive rock style. I was instantly drawn in by the engaging beats and complex melodies, which produced an immersive experience that got me thinking about the concepts of artificial intelligence and reality.

A strong, almost frantic rhythm is established early in the song by Brent Gfell’s aggressive drum beat. My heart was pounding just listening to this beginning, and I was immediately captivated by Jason Tingley’s guitar solos. A rich, varied atmosphere that seemed both chaotic and painstakingly constructed was produced by the guitar and bass’s thrilling combination. I could see that bands like Helmet and Thrice had influenced Jason’s performance, but The Infinity Process had a distinct edge.

The song took on a new depth once Kimberly Tingley’s vocals entered. Her voice was commanding yet smooth, carrying the words with a haunting and lovely precision. The narrative of the song gained depth from the startling contrast between her angelic vocals and the powerful percussion. Her voice had a quality of existential introspection that I found so moving, and it went so well with the song’s examination of simulation and reality.

The story “Glitches” is incredibly thought-provoking. The eerie notion that our lives could be artificial intelligence-controlled simulations is explored in this song, which draws inspiration from the television series Westworld. The concept of the lyrics—which struck a deep chord with me—invites listeners to consider the authenticity of their own experiences. The distinction between real and fake frequently seems hazy in our increasingly digital world, where social media and technology rule. It is both frightening and illuminating how skillfully The Infinity Process portrays this ambiguity.

The Infinity
Credit: Photo: John Fleischmann

“Glitches” has a dynamic structure that is among its most captivating features. I’m always on the edge of my seat because of how the tune keeps changing. About 3:05 in, the intensity drops a little, making room for a quiet passage that provides a break from the storm. With its calming tones that create a striking contrast to the previous pandemonium, this little break is expertly composed. It was a welcome change of pace, a chance to collect oneself before resuming the battle.

The song suddenly sprang into life again at 3:17, just as I was growing accustomed to the quiet. The song reached its climax when the upbeat instrumentation returned, providing a powerful and thrilling sound. This intensity ebb and flow not only highlights the band’s skill as musicians but also reflects the theme of thematic investigation of the ambiguities of reality. I was left feeling both introspective and energized by this auditory and emotional rollercoaster.

The Infinity
Credit: Photo: John Fleischmann

The cohesiveness and unpredictable nature of “Glitches” distinguish it from other rock songs. A harmonic yet powerful listening experience is produced by the song’s flawless balance of all its components, from the drums to the vocals. A tune that is both captivating and unpredictable is the product of the band’s distinctive flare and the skillful blending of many musical influences. “Glitches” is a unique composition in the progressive rock genre because of its harmony between chaos and order.

When I consider what I went through with “Glitches,” I see how much the music has affected me. This song makes you think deeply about the meaning of life and the growing influence of technology in our daily lives in addition to being entertaining. A remarkable achievement in today’s music environment is the composition created by The Infinity Process, which is both musically and intellectually interesting. “Glitches” is a song that is a must-listen for anyone looking for something that stimulates their senses and tests their thinking.

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