Underdog, a band originating from Boston, dives into the realm of Supersonic alternative rock. Comprising members Scott Ferguson and Bryn Carlson, the duo’s songwriting collaboration birthed their debut album, “Ether Dome,” in 2020. Their musical journey, dating back to the 1980s, weaves through various Boston bands, solidifying their presence in the local alternative music scene.


Their latest creation, “Trans Global Amnesia,” released on December 31st, 2023, pays tribute to the departed Bryan Palmer, their dedicated fan. This 12-track powerhouse album promises a sonic adventure, echoing vibrant instrumentation and emotionally charged vocals. The band’s dedication to their craft and their friend’s memory shines through this musical offering, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in a world of supersonic hijinks and mayhem.

Trans Global Amnesia Album Track List:

You Told Me:
The opening track, “You Told Me,” sets the tone for “Trans Global Amnesia” with an energetic burst of vibrant instrumentals that immediately captivate the listener. This high-octane introduction draws you into a sonic world that’s both irresistible and infectious, establishing the track as a dynamic powerhouse within the album.
Lyrically, the song delves into the emotional rollercoaster of feeling betrayed by someone who once professed love. The verses paint a picture of initial belief and trust shattered by the discovery of discrepancies between words and actions. Lines like “When I met you girl, you said you loved me and I believed that you did” capture the essence of the speaker’s disillusionment and confusion, emphasizing the stark contrast between the proclaimed love and the evident betrayal.
The thematic essence of conflicting emotions and shattered trust resonates throughout the track, complemented by the expressive vocal delivery. Despite the vibrant and energetic instrumentals that envelop the song, the vocal prowess shines through, effectively conveying the raw emotions of disappointment and the struggle to reconcile the contradictions between what was said and what was shown. “You Told Me” stands tall as a powerful opener, showcasing Underdog’s ability to blend emotionally charged lyrics with an infectious musicality that leaves a lasting impression.

Summer Song:
“Summer Song,” a vibrant addition to “Trans Global Amnesia,” encapsulates the essence of a fleeting summer romance with an infectious blend of joyful lyrics and energetic instrumentals. The song paints a vivid picture of carefree summer days, celebrating the nostalgia and fleeting nature of the season through its thematic expression.
Lyrically, the track beautifully captures the essence of a carefree and joyous summer, emphasizing the desire to extend those moments indefinitely. Lines like “Spring is over, hope Autumn never comes” and “Love the summer, ‘cause we’re just having fun” showcase a longing to preserve the blissful aura of summer, reveling in its carefree nature.
The imagery evoked by lines such as “Laying on the beach without a care today; Nothing better on a summer day; Saving daylight every day” vividly portrays the leisurely joy and contentment associated with summer. The song’s upbeat and energetic instrumentals perfectly complement the joyful allure of the vocals, creating a sonic landscape that embodies the essence of summer. The fusion of expressive vocals and vibrant instrumentals crafts an atmosphere that resonates with the listener, inviting them to immerse themselves in the joyous spirit of “Summer Song”.


Clocking in at a concise 1 minute and 4 seconds, “K-9” stands as a brief yet impactful instrumental track within “Trans Global Amnesia.” Despite the absence of vocals, this song’s energetic instrumentation crafts a sonic experience that is vibrant, infectious, and captivating in its brevity.
This instrumental piece is a testament to the band’s musical prowess, showcasing their ability to create a compelling auditory journey solely through rhythm and beat. The vibrant instrumental arrangement draws the listener in, painting a vivid sonic landscape without the need for accompanying vocals.
Despite its short duration, “K-9” packs a punch, delivering an infectious rhythm that leaves a lasting impression. The track’s energetic nature and infectious beats contribute to the album’s overall sonic diversity, adding a dynamic element that elevates the listening experience and showcases Underdog’s musical versatility.

Blow Your Face Off:
As the closing track of “Trans Global Amnesia,” “Blow Your Face Off” stands out as a vibrant culmination of added instrumentation that weaves a complex yet harmonious composition. This song’s distinctive feature lies in its multitude of added instruments, each contributing a distinct sound that takes turns leading the composition, resulting in a dynamic flow and transition of instrumental melodies.
Lyrically, the song portrays a carefree and liberated attitude, celebrating life under the vibrant Florida sun. The thematic essence resonates with a desire for escapism, embodying a celebration of freedom and a carefree outlook on life. Lines like “Keep doing what you’re doing And having fun” encapsulate the essence of embracing the present moment, emphasizing the importance of enjoying life without constraints.
The song’s structure allows for a captivating transition of instrumental flows, creating a multifaceted musical experience that evolves as the track unfolds. This sonic journey, combined with the lyrics’ carefree attitude, invites the listener to immerse themselves in a vibrant and lively atmosphere, echoing the sentiments of liberation and enjoyment found under the radiant Florida sun. “Blow Your Face Off” serves as a fitting conclusion to the album, leaving a lasting impression with its spirited musicality and expressive thematic portrayal.


From the opening track to the closing notes, the album maintains a consistent energy, delivering a blend of Supersonic alternative rock that engages the listener from start to finish. The vibrant instrumentation on each track showcases the band’s musical prowess, with Scott Ferguson and Bryn Carlson’s songwriting skills shining through every chord progression and beat. The vocal delivery throughout the album is emotionally charged and expressive, adding depth and resonance to the already rich musical tapestry. Each song feels like a sonic exploration, inviting the audience to join the band on an exhilarating musical journey.

Trans Global Amnesia” is a testament to Underdog’s growth and maturity as artists. It’s not just an album; it’s a heartfelt tribute, a celebration of friendship, and a continuation of the band’s musical evolution. From the heartfelt lyrics to the infectious melodies, this album is a must-listen for fans of Supersonic alternative rock looking for a fresh and engaging musical experience. So, don’t miss out—dive into “Trans Global Amnesia” and embark on an electrifying sonic adventure crafted by the talents of Underdog.

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