10 Billion Lost is a duo from Lisbon, Portugal that creates music with a retro-futuristic synthwave/electro rock sound. Their music combines elements from both the past and the future, resulting in a captivating soundscape that takes listeners to various dimensions. Specializing in gothic and cyberpunk styles, 10 Billion Lost creates music that seamlessly blends nostalgia with innovation, appealing to fans of both classic 80s synth tones and contemporary electronic elements.

The most recent track by 10 Billion Lost, “Gave Up On Me”, released on June 27th, 2024, combines haunting melodies and reflective lyrics to immerse the audience in a retro-futuristic atmosphere. This Lisbon-based synthwave duo has produced a song that is not just musically engaging but also carries a profound emotional and thought-provoking essence. The song establishes a somber and contemplative mood right from the beginning, encouraging listeners to engage with its intricate musical environment.

The melody at the start of the song sets a dreamy and almost otherworldly mood with its slow and gentle tunes. This beginning establishes the groundwork for future events, generating feelings of expectation. At 11 seconds, a strong pounding beat is suddenly introduced into the song, drastically changing the attention and power of the song. This rhythm, although strong, does not outshine the original tune; rather, it enhances with added intricacy and richness. The interaction of the soft tune and the strong rhythm is a key feature of “Gave Up On Me,” illustrating how 10 Billion Lost can effortlessly combine opposing elements.

While the music plays on, the singer’s voice joins in, bringing an extra layer to the song. The singer’s performance is soft yet deeply moving, captivating the listener with its soulful essence. The singer’s voice enthralls, expressing profound emotion and vulnerability. This can be clearly seen in the beginning lines, as the main character admits to longstanding feelings of incompetence and self-criticism. The words in the songs are thoughtful and self-reflective, delving into ideas of being left behind and enduring hardship. The vocalist’s performance increases the emotional effect of the lyrics, causing them to strike a chord on an individual level.

10 Billion Lost

The chorus of “Gave Up On Me” represents a pivotal moment in the song, both in terms of lyrics and music. The main character starts off feeling sad and lonely, but eventually feels strong and independent. The lyrics, “I am better on my own, I’m fine alone you know, finally I’m back where I belong, I am on my own”, mirror this change in point of view. As the main character gains more self-assurance and independence, the singer’s voice also matures, becoming more powerful and infused with passion. The vocal performance captures this transformation beautifully, shifting from melancholic and soulful to powerful and liberating.

In terms of instrumentation, “Gave Up On Me” is a complex mix of sounds that combine to form an engaging auditory journey. The powerful beat is a key component, giving the song momentum to move forward. This beat is enhanced by a mesmerizing tune that flows smoothly beside it, forming a lively and appealing auditory landscape. The instrumentation combines heaviness and lightness, blending intensity with subtlety. The combination of different elements captivates the listener and contributes to the overall richness and intricacy of the song. An impressive feature of “Gave Up On Me” is how it can create a powerful atmosphere and emotional impact.

The captivating sound of the song, along with its introspective lyrics and soulful vocals, delivers a vivid and immersive experience. This track has a classic yet modern feel. The outcome is a song that resonates with both nostalgia and originality, capturing the interest of a diverse audience. The exceptional production quality of “Gave Up On Me” showcases the meticulous attention to detail that 10 Billion Lost has put into this track. Each component, including the singing and the music, is meticulously designed to produce a unified and refined end result. The blending and finalizing make sure every part of the track stands out, with the vocals fitting seamlessly in the lush sound environment. The song stands out in the synthwave genre due to its enhanced production quality.

Concluding, 10 Billion Lost’s “Gave Up On Me” is a hauntingly beautiful and introspective song that perfectly conveys resilience and self-discovery. The track represents a notable new release for the pair, highlighting their distinct mix of vintage-futuristic synthwave and electro rock in their catalogue. The captivating melodies, soulful vocals, and profound lyrics of the song provide an emotional and immersive listening experience. Whether you’ve been a fan of 10 Billion Lost for years or just discovered their music, “Gave Up On Me” is a song you must hear that will make a lasting impact.

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