Plasma Chasms, a psychedelic rock band in the indie genre, was established in 2020 by Jane Drewett from Australia and Adrian Guerrero from the United States. Hailing from Los Angeles, the pair dropped their first EP in 2022, which received positive feedback and secured them a spot at the International Pop Overthrow Festival in the city. Famous for their mix of indie-pop, retro, gritty, and rhythmic garage sounds, their music takes listeners on a psychedelic trip that combines a strong So-Cal feel with traditional indie characteristics. After their EP’s success, they dedicated the next 18 months to creating their debut album, “Chrysalis,” which explores the depths of human emotions with a cosmic and psychedelic approach.

Solaris,” the second single from Plasma Chasms’ debut album “Chrysalis,” was released on June 7th, 2024. The band has created a unique song that is notable within the genre of psychedelic rock. Plasma Chasms intends to craft a sound experience with “Solaris” that not only brings happiness and positivity to the audience but also envelops them in a universe of lively beats and mesmerizing vocals. This song is a noticeable change from the gloomy subjects present in recent music, providing a positive and inspiring atmosphere instead.

Solaris” starts with a captivating instrumental intro that instantly captures the listener’s interest. The drum rhythm creates a strong base, forming a catchy and compelling groove. This introduction establishes what will follow, getting the listener ready for the upcoming journey. The carefully crafted instrumental introduction effectively builds anticipation, drawing the listener deeper into the hypnotic spell of the song with each beat. The carefully organized rhythmic components generate a feeling of motion and vitality that drives the song forward.

Upon the vocals’ arrival, they smoothly integrate with the music playing in the background. Jane Drewett’s gentle and mesmerizing voice brings a sense of comfort and closeness to the song. The way she speaks is calming and mesmerizing, leaving the audience hooked on every word. The words of “Solaris” address ideas of being open-minded and positive, urging the listener to release negativity and adopt a more joyful perspective. Drewett’s singing is a great fit for these themes, expressing a feeling of infectious hope and optimism.

The instrumentation in the song “Solaris” is a notable aspect of the music. The energetic and effervescent beats evoke a feeling of happiness and excitement that cannot be overlooked. Incorporating retro disco elements brings a sense of nostalgia, echoing past sounds with a modern twist. The blend of rhythmic guitar riffs, glistening synths, and throbbing bass lines produces a vibrant and captivating soundscape that is rich and dynamic. Every instrument is provided the opportunity to stand out, adding to the overall richness and complexity of the song.

Plasma Chasms

One of the most impressive features of “Solaris” is its capacity to take the listener to a different realm. The music beautifully brings to life the song’s theme of a cosmic elevator transporting listeners to various psychedelic dimensions. The trail resembles a voyage, as each part unravels as a fresh installment in a bigger tale. This feeling of advancement keeps the audience interested throughout, as they are swept away by a combination of rhythm and melody. The mesmerizing nature of the song enhances this feeling of being fully engaged, turning “Solaris” into a truly captivating auditory journey.

The making of “Solaris” is another aspect worthy of commendation. The song is carefully designed, with each part thoughtfully arranged to produce a unified and engaging sound. The blend is transparent and sharp, showcasing the fine nuances of the instruments. The production quality contributes to the psychedelic ambiance, establishing a feeling of dimension and space that enriches the overall auditory immersion. The high standard of production in Plasma Chasms demonstrates their commitment to their art and their skill in bringing their artistic vision to life in a professional and refined manner.

The message of “Solaris” is especially relevant in today’s global setting. During a period where a lot of individuals are grappling with uncertainty and pessimism, a song that encourages positivity and open-mindedness is a refreshing shift. The message of the track is relevant both now and always, reminding us that happiness and optimism are available even during challenging moments. The song’s cheerful and positive vibe contrasts with the prevailing sadness, offering a necessary boost of hope and inspiration.

To summarize, “Solaris” is an impressive song that highlights Plasma Chasms’ skill and originality. The tune combines entrancing singing, lively music, and inspiring messages, resulting in a delightful and spellbinding auditory journey. “Solaris,” the second single from their first album “Chrysalis,” showcases the band’s talent for creating music that is both captivating and widely relatable. It is a song that encourages listeners to relax, welcome positivity, and get lost in the beats and tunes of a psychedelic vintage disco atmosphere.

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