Young Rob, a musician from West London, blends various influences to create a dynamic fusion in his music. Rob was born in Accra, Ghana and attended Bishop Herman College. He started his musical journey after relocating to London. Rob’s early passion for music was sparked by iconic West Coast hip-hop artists like 2Pac and Ice Cube, and later by artists such as Lil Wayne and Jay-Z. He saw success in his career after connecting with Ren the Producer, which resulted in the release of his first mixtape, Versatility. Ever since that time, Young Rob has been steadily establishing his name in the music industry by combining Afro-beats and hip-hop in a unique way. His initial Afro-beat track, “Ghana Baby,” received notable recognition in Ghana, and he has subsequently put out various singles, an EP, and two albums, all praised for their infectious hooks and positive vibes.


Emerald Queen, also known as CocoDrops, is a versatile rapper, singer, and songwriter who captivates crowds with her sincere personality, humble attitude, and unwavering determination. Coming from a family of successful individuals, her father Mukango was a renowned Zambian soccer player called “The Lion” for his ability to score goals. CocoDrops has always sought comfort in music and dance. She is highly influenced by neo-soul, jazz, hip-hop, rap, house, and dancehall. Her debut collaboration with Young Rob on the single “Show Me” marks the beginning of many exciting projects for this emerging artist.

Young Rob’s most recent track, “Show Me”, which features the up-and-coming artist CocoDrops, was dropped on July 5th, 2024, signifying a major development in his music career. The song combines Hip-Hop and R&B styles, moving away from Rob’s Afro-beat background to appeal to his variety of fans. Renowned for his flexible style in music, Rob still manages to engage audiences by skillfully combining different genres in his music, and “Show Me” is a perfect example of this. The song showcases Rob’s versatile creativity and also presents CocoDrops, a multi-talented artist who adds her own special touch to the music.

REGAH creates a captivating beat at the beginning of the song, establishing a strong base for the track. The rhythms remind Rob of the iconic Hip-Hop sounds that shaped his music preferences in the past, yet they have a contemporary, lively vibe that suits today’s music landscape. The careful construction of the instrumentation, featuring intricate layers of rhythm, immediately captivates listeners. The mixture of nostalgia and modern elements creates the perfect backdrop for Rob to tell his story about his dream woman, becoming catchy right away.

When Young Rob starts rapping, his natural delivery and seamless rhythm become apparent right away. His song lyrics explore his interest and longing for a woman who combines innocence and a rebellious side, embodying qualities of both a good girl and a bad girl. Rob’s alluring pursuit is illustrated through detailed visuals, portraying his perfect companion and the charm she possesses. He has clever wordplay and captivating storytelling, pulling the audience into his narrative. His ability to smoothly shift from longing to revelation in his songs highlights his skill as a lyricist.

CocoDrops makes a strong entrance at the 1:14-minute mark. CocoDrops injects a new vitality into the song, delivering a rap verse that exudes confidence and captivation. Her expertise in poetry is apparent in her melodic performance, effortlessly crafting complex rhymes. Inspired by J. Cole’s honest lyrics and narrative style, CocoDrops’ verse brings an extra level of genuineness and complexity to the track. Her performance isn’t just a characteristic but a standout moment that elevates the overall impact of “Show Me”.

There is a noticeable chemistry between Young Rob and CocoDrops. Although Rob’s lyrics are silky and captivating, CocoDrops adds a raw and intense energy that helps to balance the song. Her role goes beyond being a mere feature; it is a vital component that enhances the song. The dynamic interaction of their styles hold the attention of the listener, resulting in a diverse and engaging listening experience.

Credit: photographer Szevik
Credit: photographer Szevik

REGAH’s contribution to “Show Me” stands out due to the production quality of the song. The rhythm is catchy, making it easy to dance to while keeping your attention. The high quality of production is evident, with every element carefully arranged to form a unified sound. Blending nostalgic elements with modern beats attracts a diverse audience to the track. REGAH’s talent is evident in his ability to produce music that is classic yet contemporary, exemplified in the track “Show Me”.

Ultimately, “Show Me” showcases Young Rob’s development as a musician and his skill in bringing new ideas to his music. The song combines Hip-Hop and R&B seamlessly, featuring great production by REGAH and a memorable performance by CocoDrops. The debut of this music single symbolizes a fresh start in Rob’s professional journey, demonstrating his diverse skills and talent for crafting music that is not only captivating but also profound. With his song “Show Me”, Young Rob not only solidifies his position in the music industry but also paves the way for future exciting endeavors. This track is essential for those who value finely crafted music with an engaging story and lively vibe.

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